Cycling: Mask or traditional glasses?

The choice between cycling glasses with a mask or traditional ones depends on your personal preferences and specific needs when cycling.

Goggle glasses in cycling: Advantages


    1. Prosthesisone Full: Goggle glasses cover a larger area of ​​the face than traditional glasses. This offers protectionone complete for the eyes, nose and cheeks. Protecting these areas is particularly important when practicing cycling, as you espone strong winds, dust, insects and other debris that may irritate your eyes or cause discomfort.

    1. Prosthesisone UVs: Many cycling goggles offer protectionone Superior UV. The mask covers a larger area of ​​the face than traditional glasses, so it can offer protectionone additional from the sun's rays which are harmful to the skin and eyes.

    1. Prosthesisone greater from air and light: The cycling goggles have a larger surface area and offer greater protectionone from the air but also from the lateral light.

    1. Secure Fit: Usually goggles rimane firmly in placeone even during sudden movements or high speeds, preventing them from moving or falling from your face.

  1. Style and aerodynamics: Cycling goggles feature aerodynamic designs that reduce air resistance. This can be beneficial for cyclists looking to optimize their performance and improve efficiency while riding. Furthermore, many models offer a modern and attractive style, allowing you to show off an elegant appearance while cycling.

Traditional glasses in cycling: Advantages

cyclist wears cycling glasses with blue mirrored lenses

    1. Lightness and comfort: Traditional cycling glasses tend to be lighter than goggle glasses. This makes them more comfortable to wear for extended periods, reducing the risk of facial fatigue or discomfort.

    1. Ventilatione: Traditional glasses usually feature an open, vented design. This allows for better circulationone of the air around the eyes, helping to prevent fogging during intense physical activity.

    1. Versatility: Traditional cycling glasses are often more versatile and can be used for a variety of outdoor sports activities, such as running, hiking. They are not limited exclusively to cycling, offering wider use.

    1. Wide range of choice: Traditional cycling glasses offer a wide range of styles, shapes and colors to choose from. This allows you to find the pair of glasses that best suits your personal taste and that makes you feel comfortable while driving.

  1. Ease of replacementsone of the lenses: Many traditional cycling glasses allow for replacementone of the lenses. This means you can adapt the lenses to different light conditions and your personal preferences. For example, you can use clear lenses for night riding or polarized lenses to reduce glare when cycling on sunny roads.

Remember that the choice of cycling glasses depends on your personal preferences and specific needs.

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