What to do if you are cycling with dark lens glasses and the sun goes out?

Imagine yourself riding your bicycle, enjoying a pleasant ride on a sunny day. Wear your dark lens glasses in style, protecting your eyes from intense sunlight. But, suddenly, the clouds begin to cover the sun, leaving yours visualand darker than expected. What to do in a situationone such? Don't worry, we are here to help you! In this practical guide, we will give you some advice on how to deal with this situationone and continue to enjoy your ride safely.

What to do if you are cycling with dark lens glasses and the sun goes out

1. Rimbring your glasses: The solutionone the simplest thing is to remove dark-lens glasses. Even though it seems obvious, it's important to remember. RimBy moving your glasses, you will allow your eyes to immediately adapt to dimmer light. In this way, you will be able to continue pedaling however with the annoyance of the air and insects or dust that could come into contact with your eyes.

2. Place your glasses on your helmet or in your jersey pocket: If you prefer not rimove your glasses completely, you can simply put them on your helmet or in your jersey pocket. This will allow you to continue to keep your glasses with you without obstructing your visionone.

3. Use a replacement lens: If your glasses with dark lenses allow replacementone lenses, you can purchase a lighter or clearer colored replacement lens. This way, you can easily change the lens when the sun goes away, adapting to the new light conditions.

4. Use photochromic glasses: If this situation arisesone occurs often, it might be a good idea to invest in a pair of photochromic glasses. These glasses are equipped with lenses that automatically adapt to ambient brightness. As the sun disappears, the lenses will gradually lighten, allowing you to maintain clear visionone clear in all light conditions.

Photochromic lenses for cycle touring

How does the photochromic lens in cycling glasses work?

Photochromic lenses in cycling glasses are a popular choice for cyclists because they automatically adapt to different light conditions. These lenses contain a specialand technology that allows them to darken when exposed to more sunlight and lighten when the light decreases.

Photochromic lenses work grazie to a chemical substance incorporated into the structure of the lenses themselves. This chemical reacts to radiationone ultraviolet (UV) present in sunlight, causing a change in colorationone of the lenses. When sunlight is bright, the lenses darken to reduce the amount of light reaching your eyes. As sunlight decreases, the lenses lighten to allow better visibility in low-light conditionsone.

Photochromic lenses in cycling glasses offer several advantages. First, they eliminate the need to manually change lenses while cycling when light conditions change. This allows the cyclist to concentrate on the road or route without having to interrupt the activity to make changes to the glasses.

Furthermore, photochromic lenses offer protectionone Constant UV for the eyes. The radiationone UV can damage your eyes in the long term, so have some protectionone UV integrated into the lenses of cycling glasses is important for maintaining eye health during outdoor activities.

You can find cycling glasses with photochromic lenses in the shopstiments of many brands of sports glasses. We recommend looking for trusted manufacturers and glasses that meet each cyclist's specific needs in terms of design, fit and functionality. It is also important to ensure that your glasses offer protectionone UV-adequate and are made of durable, lightweight materials to ensure comfort and durability during use.

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