Mountain bike jerseys: how to choose a MTB jersey

Mountain bike jerseys: how to choose a MTB jersey

MTB jerseys choose the best

While we mostly buy jerseys for the perfect look, the best mountain bike jerseys will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Choose the best mountain bike jersey. In this guide we will see what to consider when choosing your next short sleeve, 3/4 sleeve or long sleeve purchase. What to wear on your upper body while mountain biking can be a tricky dilemma. Not only do you have to consider your main discipline, but also the weather conditions and seek the maximum level of comfort.

Perfect fit for mountain bike jersey

Adaptation can be quite a difficult and personal factor. But the main point is that the right size jersey shouldn't restrict your movement when you're on the bike. Consequently, a shirt that is too tight could make movements more difficult, specialmind in changes of directionone and make going out unpleasant.

Which mountain bike jerseys to choose

What type of driving do you do?

DownHill, all-mountain / trail riding and XC racing, each discipline has its own clothing and look.

Typically, DownHill specific jerseys are light, airy and extra loose to fit the pads underneath. The evolutionone of the DownHill jersey is very reminiscent of motocross clothing in both style and fit. A DownHill jersey may also have reinforced patches in areas that could impact in the event of a fall.

The enduro or cycling jerseys trail include the widest variety of styles and technical features. They tend to represent hybrid clothing from brand to brand, some more oriented towards downhill, others more focused on tight clothing typical of MTB classit is.

Normally made with thicker fabrics than a DownHill shirt, but with highly ventilated fabrics created to wick away sweat and manage temperature effectively.

Cuts can be as simple as basic t-shirt style tops to those that incorporate pockets and zippers for added

XC Race jerseys are usually very similar to road cycling jerseys, being very form fitting to eliminate chafing of the material and not to hinder the rider. Back pockets are a must for carrying spares and food.

 Varying weather means different mountain bike jerseys

As with any type of clothing, needs vary based on weather conditions and seasonal changes.

During colder or wetter rides, a jersey becomes a midlayer that will be combined with a more protective outer jacket. So a thermal or windproof shirt is the ideal choice for retaining body heat specialmind at particularly cold temperatures.

Most thermal shirts feature full or half zips and a much thicker fabric. Warm weather obviously calls for thinner, more ventilated fabrics with most riders opting for short-sleeved versions.

Mountain bike jerseys choose the best

Mountain bike jerseys and adjustmentsone temperature

Each of us has specific "optimal conditions", what we mean is that we feel temperatures differently and most of us know perceive and deal with heat and cold differently.

It's why you might see one cyclist wearing a seemingly lighter jersey in the snow, compared to another wrapped in four layers on a sunny day.

If you're wearing a backpack, a shirt with a mesh back and no pockets is the solutionone more convenient to choose.

There is therefore no "perfect shirt" ideal for every situationone but you need to choose more products for each seasonone and possible weather.
You can get help on choosing brands and models in the forum specialorganized based on the discipline you practice, where other users tell their experiences and recommend the material they found best with.


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