You can go mountain biking on these 3000 meter peaks!

Extreme mountain biking routes over 3000 meters

Extreme MTB: mountain biking at dizzying heights
Peaks of over 3000 m for mountain bike enthusiasts

Do you want mountain air with your mountain bike? In this article you will find exciting mountain routes (Italy and Europe) for adventurous riders, from 3000m and above. Have fun with your MTB at dizzying heights!

Barrhorn, Switzerland (3610 m)

The Valais peak is the highest in Switzerland, which can be conquered without climbing or crossing glaciers and therefore can also be done "easily" by MTB. Uphill from the Turtmannhütte, however, uphill you pedal from the 600m of Turtmann to the 2100m of the dam, you shoulder up to the 2500m of the Turtmanhutte refuge and again up to the 3610m of the Ussers Barrhorn, downhill the imponenti 3000 meters are almost completely passable. The ascent can be limited to 1800 m altitude by cable car and/or taxi, but it is still possible to plan an overnight stay in a hut.

Length 38.88 km
Duration 5:03 hours
Difficulty level High
Height difference 1730 meters
Descending altitude difference 2911 metres
Deepest point 1832 m above sea level
The highest point 3510 m above sea level

Barrhorn mountain biking

Passo Mandriccio, Italy (3123m)

In the kingdom of King Ortles, an itinerary that requires great endurance, you will be rewarded with a dream descent. If you start from Prad, there are 2200 m on asphalt and gravel (clearly shortened by shuttle / cable car), this itinerary requires great and training! The most beautiful descent leads on initially difficult, then soft paths into the Marteltal.

lunghezza 73.37 km
Duration 7:02 hours
Difficulty level heavy
Height difference 2542 meters
Descending height difference 2538 meters
Deepest point 648 m above sea level
The highest point 3088 m above sea level
Passo del Mandriccio mountain bike

Mont Chaberton, France (3110 m)

One of the largest mountain fortresses in the Alps "perched" here on top of the border during World War II. Today the ruins are a reminder and a mountain crossed by roads. The military road on the Italian side used to be passable almost without problems, but today it has disintegrated so that the smooth passages make the 1900 meters of altitude difference an obstacle. It goes down paths that are partly very rough and partly smooth.

lunghezza 32.88 km
Duration 5:12 hours
Difficulty level heavy
Height difference 2048 meters
Descending height difference 2055 meters
Deepest point 1298 m above sea level
The highest point 3101 m above sea level
Mont chaberton mountain bike itinerary

Corno Bussola, Italy (3023m)

Altimetrica horn compass mountain bike

Far from renowned Aosta Valley destinations, such as Col Lauson (3299 m), there is this fantastic panoramic peak, which exceeds 3000 metres. The trail winds along a lake plateau beautifully set in a plateau. Conditions?

horn compass mountain bike route

Uphill it is important to carry the bike on your shoulder for at least 600 meters of altitude difference, the descents will sometimes be very challenging, you need to have a more than solid riding technique.

Livrio refuge (Italy (3174m)

If the infamous 48 asphalt hairpin bends to the Stelvio (2756m) aren't enough for you, push yourself and climb up to the Ortlerhaus, where the 3000m altitude is across the Trincerone (because it passes near the fortifications dating back to Primto World War). A little higher, but beyond the glacier, you arrive at Rifugio Livrio at an altitude of 3174 meters. Downhill, Monte Scorluzzo (3094 m) is another 3.000 meters high, and dozens of fantastic paths leading down to the valley start from the Stelvio Pass.


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