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Reviewsone Lezyne CNC Tubeless Drive: The compact anti-puncture pump

The Lezyne CNC Tubeless Drive was developed to handle all types of punctures. Enduro Mountain Bike Magazine tester Felix put the pump to the test almost every week for a total of 5 months. How did the test go?

Portable punctured bicycle wheel inflation pump

In ENDURO no one destroys tires more than test driver Felix. This is due to his impressive body mass (95 kg) combined with his uncompromising riding style. Obviously all the test bikes used are tubeless, but with less robust tires, punctures and cuts are inevitable, specialmind on weak hips. While the Lezyne CNC Tubeless Drive pump won't make you immune to punctures, it will help you quickly repair your tire and get back on the bike in no time. The pump weighs 275 grams and is quite bulky, making it difficult to carry in your pocket or attach to your bike frame. That said, the pump does a good job considering its size, combining three tools into one. Inside the machined alloy pump, hides a tubeless plug kit, a 2g CO20 cartridge and even an inflation head. And what a wonderful coincidence, the pump fits perfectly into the SWAT box of the test bike Specialized Enduro!

Lezyne CNC Tubeless drive Reviewsone

A perfect match

The Lezyne pump simply inserts through the opening of the Specialized Swat Box and snaps securely into the frame without making any noise

The bulky pump was designed specifically for MTB tires. Even though it pumps a high volume of air in a short time, the pump does not allow you to exceed a pressureone of 2 bars. However, with mountain bike tires this is not a problem at all.
In combinationsone With the hose, the CNC Tubeless Drive can also be used as a mini floor pump.
However, it does not provide a pressureone enough to fit a tire onto the rim. In this case, you will need to use the CO2 canister.
As with most Lezyne pumps, it forces you to be careful when using the valves to avoid breakages: once you have inflated the tire and want to remove the valve head, you risk rimaccidentally egg the valve core with it and the air escapes.
To avoid loud swearing on the trail, Lezyne relies on the ABS button, which releases pressureone inside the pump when connected to a valve. However, we always recommend checking the valve cores primto inflate the tires.

Flat tire inflation mountain bike pump

When you have untied the three wires to reach the tubeless cap, the air will be gone. It takes too much time!

Tubeless mountain bike pump

Compatibility issues
Since 2g CO20 cartridges come in different shapes and sizes, not all of them will fit the CNC Tubeless Drive. During the test there were no problems with the 16g cartridges and of course with the Lezyne own-brand CO2 cartridges.

Small and efficient cycling pump for inflating wheels

Typical Lezyne
Like most Lezyne pumps, the CNC Tubeless Drive has a threaded valve head. When rimeggs your head, be carefulone because the center of the valve can come off with the head.

Super fast
Grazie to the long tube, the CNC Tubeless Drive can be used as a mini floor pump, bringing it back closeone even the bulky 29" x 2,6" tires in no time.

The CO2 cartridge and valve adapter are separated by a grille, which prevents the parts from rattling and the cartridge from inadvertently discharging CO2. Unfortunately, there is no interface for the multitool on either the pump head or the spacer, meaning the Felix tester couldn't always separate them from each other when they were dirty and had to use an inner tube instead .
We recommend applying lubricant to the pump threads to prevent them from binding.

The Lezyne CNC Tubeless Drive is the Swiss Army knife among tubeless drilling kits. Grazie the MTB-specific design, the tires can be repaired quickly and inflated in no time with the robust, high-quality alloy pump. As with most Lezyne pumps, you need to be carefulone when rimEgg the valve head threaded to prevent the valve core from loosening.


  • Perfect for MTB tubeless systems
  • High quality and sturdy
  • Bulky but the space is used well


  • Tubeless plugs are hard to get to
  • The pump head can slip off the valve core
  • Not compatible with all 2g CO20 cartridges

Weight: 277 g (incl. 2 g CO20 cartridge)


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