Test: Five Ten MTB shoe Trailcross XT

Five ten adidas shoe trailcross for mountain bikes

The new range Trailcross by Five Ten was designed with 2-wheel adventure in mind. Drawing inspirationone from the range of shoes for trail running Adidas TERREX and combining it with the high-performance Stealth rubber sole, Five Ten has created a line of footwear for riders who love to go off the beaten path! Enduro Mtb Mag put the latest addition to the range, the Trailcross XT! Read on for the test results!

The shoes were tested by a flat pedal fanatic rider, who put the shoes through their paces Trailcross XT in a particularly humid autumn. Immediately out of the box, it was clear that this shoe was unlike any of Five Ten's previous offerings.
Everything from the design language to the materials used in the breathable upper is new and bears a strong resemblance to the TERREX footwear range.
The shoes are quite light, the test pair size 42 weighs 760 g.

Five ten non-slip sole trailcross xt

Pure Grip

With the high-performance Stealth sole, the Trailcross XT offer incredible grip with the ground and the pedal.

Five ten trailcross X! with protective supportone ankle

Ankle support

Although these shoes are lightweight, Five Ten made sure to include support and protectionone where it matters most. To best protect against accidental impacts or unnatural movements.


The light and breathable upper and the constructionone made of mesh allows you to never worry about sweaty feet. Be carefulone but to deep puddles!
The shoe is not water-repellent, so your foot can get soaked!

Le Trailcross XT are heavily influenced by the Adidas TERREX aesthetic, which may not appeal to everyone.

The upper part of the shoe is made of lightweight mesh and a breathable upper, which guarantees excellent ventilationone.
To test their performance in hot weather conditions, we took the shoes on a trip to Madeira, where they performed excellently in the hot climate, preventing sweating.one and keeping us comfortable in changing conditions.
However, in the very rainy autumn, the highly breathable design (while being quick to dry) did not resist water infiltration very well.

Multifunctional MTB shoeone

The grippy sole is divided into sections, allowing the Trailcross XT to give great grip on the ground even when transporting or pushing the bike.

On the trail, one thing quickly became clear: Five Ten Trailcross XT did not lose grip compared to its stablemates, sticking to our pedals and gluing our feet in positionsone, no matter how rough the trail was. The sole itself is divided into three sections, with the toe and heel sectionsone which obtain a ridged profile for grip on the ground. The wide sectionsone The center takes up the majority of the outsole and is covered in the speckled Stealth Phantom rubber that we all love so much. The front of the sole is quite flexible, allowing you to curl your toes to improve your grip on and off the bike. However, the sole seems to get progressively stiffer, resulting in plenty of stiffness for all-round enduro and trail. There's also plenty of support and protectionone around the heelone and on the ankle, grazie to a protectionone in neoprene and a tallone in foam that extends around the back and sides of the ankle protecting it from bumps and scratches.

Where these MTB shoes come into their own, however, is when you shoulder the bike and continue on foot. Whether you're exploring a backcountry freeride line, climbing an exposed wall with your bike on your back, or anything else, the Trailcross XT offers unprecedented grip with virtually no compromises in all-round riding performance.

Five Ten set out to design a flat pedal shoe for any cycling adventure, and overall, we see the Trailcross XT as a clear success! Everything related to design and executionone of these shoes seems spot on. From the intelligent Stealth sole that offers best-in-class grip both on and off the bike, to the lightweight design with reinforcements where you need them: but be carefulone to puddles?.

Price € 150


  • Excellent grip on and off the bike
  • Smart and lightweight design
  • Comfortable and breathable all day


  • The breathable upper lets water seep: be carefulone to puddles.


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