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How to clean sports glasses

Fundamental question that every athlete asks himselfone is: How can I best clean my sports glasses without running the risk of ruining them?

This question is fundamental for the correct functionality of your sports glasses used to practice your favorite sport. Clearly if the lenses are not clean you will see itone it will be foggy and unclear, which negatively affects the performance during sporting activity. Using a dirty lens not only reduces the performance, but it increases the risk from a safety point of view of falling or performing the technical gesture incorrectly.
It also has a negative effect from a physiological point on the eye itself because it is increased esponential visual stress which tires him very quickly, because in a completely involuntary way he carries out a series of repeated physiological mechanisms to try to focus on the blurry image generated by the dirty lens. The moment the lens is cleaned the eye starts working correctly again, drastically reducing visual fatigue.

how to clean the lenses of sports glasses

Another very negative aspect to combat is lens fogging, often generated during phases of great fatigue specialmind when the air recirculation is not sufficient to prevent condensation from depositing on the internal surface of the lens. It is important to know that there are specific chemical treatments that form an anti-fogging film on the internal surface of the lens, however in particular circumstances, even with correct air recirculation, the treatment is not sufficient to prevent fogging. So even if your sports glasses are equipped with anti-fog treatment but they fog up every now and then... Don't worry, it's normal.

For those who use sports glasses without anti-fog treatment which regularly fog up during periods of great fatigue, you can find anti-fog cleaning liquids on the market which not only clean the lens, but also form an anti-fog film, of the lasting approximately 2 days, on the internal surface of the lens. In this case, correct cleaning of the lens can be combined with anti-fog technology.

Cleaner pack for cleaning sports glasses

It is therefore essential for the health of your eyes to properly clean your sports glasses after each outing, to eliminate bacteria and dirt that deposits on the lenses and frames. In addition to the health factor, it is essential for correct maintenanceone of your sports glasses and to increase the life of each componentonent over time.
Constantly cleaning the lenses prevents small deposits of dirt which will be very difficult to remove, and if removed incorrectly can lead to annoying smears on the surface of the lens.
Rule number 1: Clean your sports glasses every time you use them.

You who are reading this article, try to think about it, at least once in your life you have cleaned the lenses of your sports glasses with primor fabric that you found at that moment: T-shirt, towel, paper handkerchief, or similar objects. We would like to point out that the objects listed above are excellent for swiping the lens even if used carefully and lightly. So always remember rule number 2:
Rule number 2: Only use microfiber cloths to clean the lenses Below we list the 2 most practical and effective items that can be used to clean lenses safely and efficiently.
- Microfiber pouch: This element is the most effective for those who use sports glasses to practice their favorite sport, in fact they cannot be used for correct cleaning of the lens, but when the glasses are not being used it protects them from smears. A solutionone 2 in 1 low cost that extends the life of the lens of your sports glasses.
For all sports glasses in the line Demon for: Running, Cycling, and Multisport the soft microfibre case is suppliedone. It can also be purchased separately at a cost of €3,50.
Click on the photo to access the soft microfibre case.

Black microfibre case for sports glasses

- Soft microfibre pouch: The microfibre pouch is created with the same materials as the case described above, however it only performs functionsone for cleaning lenses. It can be purchased at a cost of €3,00. Click on the photo to access the soft microfibre cover.

Black microfibre cloth for cleaning glasses lenses

recommended by DEMON for cleaning your sports glasses

  • Cleaning
    Fast during activity:
    In case during the activity the lens
    If you need a quick clean you can use the two objects described above.
    You can moisten the surface of the lens with the classica “breathed”, and clean
    the lens gently with the cloth.

    NB it is FUNDAMENTAL that the surface
    microfibre is perfectly clean,
    so remember to clean it with
    twigsone neutral whenever it gets dirty.

Rule number 3:
Always keep cleaning cloths clean

  • Cleaning
    Complete the activity once completed:
    Once your business is finished, it is essential
    carry out a complete cleaning of your sports glasses to clean the
    the lens better and eliminate bacteria for proper hygiene. Our
    advice is to clean the glasses (both the lenses and the frame) with
    lukewarm water (water that is too cold or too hot could damage the
    photochromatism of the lens, or damage the anti-fog treatment when
    provided on the lens). We recommend using neutral soaps, we can
    Place a small amount directly on the lens and wipe with the cloth
    in microfibre. Rinse with warm water. For drying you can
    leave the glasses to air dry or use cotton woolone soft.

    It is also possible to clean with warm water without soapone lenses and frame e
    When the frame and lenses are dry, use anti-fog liquid to clean
    the lens and eliminate bacteria.

    Or if the lenses are not visually dirty, it is possible
    only clean the frame with warm water and dry it with a cloth, and in
    Then use the liquid described above to effectively clean the

Rule number 4: For
To clean the lens, only use warm water to avoid damaging the lens
lens treatments.

  • Cleaning
    of the frame:
    To best clean the frame you can use the
    techniques described above. It is important to know what sports glasses are
    constructed with different materials than sunglasses or frames
    view. Elements such as nose pads or hinges are made of plastic, e.g
    they do not undergo oxidation with water or sweatone. For some parts like
    you intersect itone between the temples and the front part of the frame and the nose pad
    we recommend having a lens brush to remove them effectively
    the dirt that can be deposited in these difficult to clean parts only
    with a jet of warm water.

Rule number 5:
Use a toothbrush to clean the nose pad and parts
more difficult to clean

The correct process of cleaning photochromic lenses is of fundamental importance.
Photochromic lenses are speciallenses equipped with one specialand chemical treatment that generates a reactionone reversible chemistry in direct contact with UV rays which cause the lens to darken and lighten when irradiatedone ends. It is important for cleaning this specialand type of lens, to follow the notes we will describe to the letter to prevent damage from the chemical treatment and extend the life of the photochromic lens (generally 2 years or 2000 light/dark light changes).

Smoke photochromic lenses for cycling glasses for BDC and MTB

  • Use
    only warm water
    , avoid
    then cleaning the lens with any type of twigsone even if neutral.
  • Use
    anti-fog cleaning liquid
    described above when it is intended
    carry out a complete cleaning of the lenses.

These 2 important notes are valid not only for cleaning
of the photochromic lenses of your sports glasses, but also for lenses
equipped with anti-fog treatment.

Below are some quick tips of things
DO'S and DON'Ts for cleaning your sports glasses:

  • The temperature of the water for cleaning
    slow will be ALWAYS WARM.
  • For lenses that are NOT photochromic and which are NOT
    equipped with anti-fog treatment it is possible to use sapone neutral for
    cleaning the lens. Rinse off any foam with warm water.
  • Once drying is complete, clean any marks
    with microfibre cloth.
  • Never leave your sports glasses in
    car under the summer sun, or store them near heat sources.
  • Avoid drying the lenses with paper towels
    (e.g. Scottex), if you really need to use cotone soft.
  • Do not clean the lenses with damp paper towels, the
    cellulose can irreversibly damage the lens.

How did you find this article on how to clean your sports glasses? Useful? We at DEMON let's hope so! In any case you can write us questions or comments below. For more information you can find us online in chat or you can contact us by phone at: 0445/315537 or by email at: info@demonocchiali.it

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