Playing Padel outdoors

Playing Padel outdoors is a great experience, especially if the climate is favorable and the sun is shining! Padel is a sport similar to tennis, but is played on a smaller court and specific rackets.

Playing padel outdoors

Padel is a sport that combines elements of tennis and squash and is played on a court enclosed by walls and fences, similar to that of tennis. This sport originated in Mexico in the 60s and has become very popular in many countries around the world.

The main features of Padel include:

    • The field: The padel court is rectangular, divided in two by a net and surrounded by transparent walls and fences. Usually, Padel courts are smaller in size than tennis courts, measuring 20 meters long and 10 meters wide.
    • The rackets: Padel rackets have a short handle and are perforated, with a solid frame and a hard playing surface. This design allows for greater precisionone and control in hitting the ball.
    • The balls: Padel balls are similar to tennis balls, but slightly smaller and less pressurized. This helps slow the game down and make it more manageable, especially for beginners.
    • The rules: The rules of Padel are quite simple. The ball must rimleap once onto the receiver's field primto be able to be hit directly after the rimleap or fly. As in tennis, the score is counted as "15-30-40" and you can win a game with a two-point lead. Padel matches can be played in both singles and doubles.
  • The style of play: Padel is known for its fast, engaging and tactical play. The walls allow you to play balls that would normally be considered out in tennis, adding a strategic element to the game.

Padel is a sport accessible to players of all ages and skill levels. It's fun, engaging and offers a great way to socialize while exercising. The growth in popularity of Padel has been remarkable in recent years, with many clubs, sports facilities and courts dedicated to the sport spreading across the world.

Playing padel outdoors and indoors

To play Padel outdoors, you will need some essential items of equipment. Here's what you need to start playing Padel:

    • Padel rackets: Padel rackets have a specific design, with a short handle and a rigid playing surface. They are slightly smaller than tennis rackets and have a large hitting zone, making them easier for beginners to use. You can buy padel rackets at shops specialized or online.
    • Padel balls: Padel balls are similar to tennis balls, but are slightly smaller and less pressurized. Buy a set of padel balls so you have reserves during matches.
    • Sportswear: Wear comfortable clothing suitable for physical activity. A breathable technical t-shirt and shorts or tennis pants are a good choice. Make sure you also wear appropriate socks and tennis shoes or padel-specific shoes that offer good support and grip on the court.
    • Hair caps and sweatbands: If you have long hair, it's helpful to have headphones or headbands to keep it out of your face while playing. Also, make sure you have a bandana or headband to absorb sweat and keep your face dry during the game.
    • Sunscreen and hat: If you are playing Padel outdoors, protect yourself from the sun's rays by applying sunscreen to exposed skin and wearing a cap or visor to protect your face and eyes.
    • Bottle of water: Keeping your body hydrated is essential during physical activity, so make sure you bring a filled water bottle with you so you can quench your thirst during the game.
  • Sports sunglasses: To best protect the eyes from light and UV rays and from accidental impacts.

These are the basic items of equipment you will need to play Padel outdoors. Once you have everything you need, you can enjoy playing this engaging outdoor sport.

Outdoor padel which equipment to choose

What features do glasses need to have to play padel outdoors?

The glasses to be worn while playing Padel outdoors must have some specific characteristics to guarantee protectionone adequate and a better gaming experience. Here's what to look for when choosing glasses to play Padel outdoors:

    • Prosthesisone UVs: Make sure your glasses have protectionone Adequate UV. Playing Padel outdoors can mean being exposed to the sun for a long time, and wearing glassesone UV will help protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays.
    • Polarized lenses (optional): Polarized lenses are particularly useful for reducing glare and glare caused by the sun and reflective surfaces such as court walls. This will allow you to see the ball clearly and improve your visibility during the game.
    • Fit and comfort: Glasses must be comfortable to wear during physical activity. Make sure they are lightweight and fit your face well without slipping or bothering you when moving.
    • Prosthesisone lateral: Choose glasses with a frame that offers good protectionone side for the eyes. This helps protect you from any accidental impacts, such as balls that rimthey leap onto the walls of the field.
    • Durable material: Padel glasses must be made with resistant and high quality materials to ensure that they last a long time and are able to withstand the shocks and stresses typical of sport.
  • Adjustable strap: Some Padel glasses are equipped with an adjustable strap or a neck attachment system. This allows you to keep your glasses securely in placeone during the game, even when you make quick and sudden movements.
Goggle glasses with mirrored lens for padel

Be sure to try on glasses primto purchase them to make sure they fit your face well and meet your needs. Padel glasses not only offer you better visibility during the game, but also protect your eyes from damage and improve your overall outdoor playing experience.

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