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Glasses for Rowing

Rowing glasses are designed to offer protectionone to the eyes from atmospheric agents, such as the sun, wind, rain and splashes of water. They can also improve visibility during rowing, allowing the rower to see clearly without obstacles.

Rowing glasses


Rowing is a water sport that involves the use of boats called "rowboats" or "rowboats". Athletes, known as "rowers," use oars to push boats through the water.

Rowing can be practiced both on internal waters, such as rivers and lakes, and on open waters, such as the sea and ocean. Rowing competitions are held over fixed distances, such as 2000 metres, and can include individual, pairs or larger crew events.

In official rowing competitions, there are several categories of boats, such as single (one rower), double (two rowers), four without (four rowers without a coxswain), eight with (eight rowers with one coxswain), and many others. The boats can be either rowed or rowed, depending on the type of propulsionone used.

Rowing requires a lot of coordinationone, strength, endurance and technique. It is a sport that involves the whole body, in particular the upper limbs, trunk and legs. It is also known to promote cardiorespiratory endurance and overall fitness.

In addition to competitions, rowing can also be practiced as a recreational activity or as a means of transportation on inland waters. Many peopleone they enjoy the experience of paddling outdoors, enjoying the surrounding nature and taking advantage of the health and wellbeing benefits this sport offers.

Which rowing glasses to choose:

When choosing a pair of glasses for rowing, here are some factors to consider:

    1. Prosthesisone UVs: Make sure your glasses have protectionone Adequate UV to protect your eyes from harmful sun rays. Look for glasses with a classificationone of protectionsone UV of 100% or higher.

    1. Fit and comfort: The glasses must fit your face properly without slipping or causing discomfort during activity. Make sure the arms of your glasses are adjustable and that the bridge of your nose is comfortable.

    1. Resistenza all'acqua: Consider using glasses with water-repellent lenses or anti-scratch treatments to maintain a clear faceone clear even in the presence of splashes of water.

    1. Aerodynamic design: Glasses with an aerodynamic design can reduce wind resistance and offer a clear viewone sharper during high-speed rowing.

  1. Polarized lenses (optional): Polarized lenses can help reduce glare from water, improving visual clarityone in bright light conditions.

Always remember to try on glasses primto purchase them to ensure that they fit your face correctly and offer protectionone and the desired comfort while rowing.


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