Polarized prescription glasses for sport fishing

Sport Fishing is your stepone? Discover the technical guide DEMON on what characteristics polarized prescription glasses for sport fishing should have. To provide you with the perfect facialone of the body of water grazie to polarized lenses with the combinationone of graduated lenses.

Polarized prescription glasses for sport fishing

Why is the Polarized lens the most used in Sport Fishing?

For all athletes who have water as a common factor (salt or fresh), using glasses that protect not only from direct light but also from the light reflected by the body of water is essential for perfect vision.one and maximum relaxation for the eyes even at exposuresone in very prolonged light.
Using a lens that guarantees maximum visual relaxation from a health point of view effectively combats redness of the eyes and classica tiredness and slight burning typical of a day of fishing without using id lensesoneand or without wearing sunglasses.

The polarized lens performs numerous functions, not only does it protect the eyes more effectively than common lenses, but it offers a series of benefits that significantly increase the performance of the athlete.

No, it does not allow you to cast the bait 50 meters further away, but it allows you to see more effectively under the body of water.

Benefits of the Polarized lens in Sport Fishing

The Polarized lens was created for the practice of sport fishing, developed and then evolved for daily use (particularly recommended for driving a car) and for the practice of all sports as its characteristics prove to be the most restful lens for the eyes on the market.

So what are the main benefits of the polarized lens and in what conditions will they be found in sport fishing?

La polarized lens it is made of solid, unbreakable polycarbonate, it is super light and considerably lightens the weight of the glasses, excellent if you have the whole day to dedicate to sport fishing.

Maximum protectionone for the eyes from UV rays, it also concentrates or diverges the transverse rays of light and radiation UV-A and UV-B. Provides maximum protectionone for prolonged use and in conditions of strong irradiationone solar.

They shield the glare and all those annoying reflections that are created when light collides with reflective surfaces, allowing the athlete to see under the surface of the water, identifying more easily where to throw the bait.

Fundamental not only for performance, but also to better enjoy the day outdoors the advantages offered by the polarized lens:

  • Better you perceiveone of the contrast
  • Visionone clearer
  • No modification of natural colorsi

Graduated lenses for sport fishing

It is also important to point out that Sport Fishing is a very long-lived sport. The use of polarized lenses is highly recommended, but who needs prescription lenses for sport fishing?

For those who use prescription lenses in everyday life and also need these lenses for sports, you can count on DEMON, which created polarized eyeglasses for sport fishing.

The graduated lens will help the athlete in fixing the bait to the hook, in the viewone up close, or in the faceone from afar, based on the specific needs of the athlete.

Polarized prescription glasses for sport fishing model FUSION


La clip prescription lenses support prescription lenses that will be created directly by your trusted optician.
The powers supported by the clip for prescription lenses they are: Maximum sphere +/- 8.00 and Cylinder (astigmatism) +/- 2.00

The peculiarity of this model is the complete folding devicetimento the cost of prescription lenses, in fact it will not be necessary to create a polarized graduated sun vision lens, but it will be sufficient to create a transparent lens to be applied to the clip since the external polarized lens takes care of doing the "dirty work" in maximum protectionone Of the eyes.

The prescription lenses mounted in the clip inindicatively they cost between 30 and 60 Euros based on the treatments that will be applied (E.G.: Anti-fog, anti-reflection etc...)

Choosing graduated polarized glasses is the solutionone for those who do not want to graduate a sun-ready frame, who can if they use contact lenses rimegg the clip and use the glasses as real sports glasses.

glasses for sport fishing

The characteristics of each individual item are available in the product sheet of the individual item in the sectionone dedicated to descriptionsone. This way you can choose your sports glasses comfortably from home in ours E-commerce it will be simple, too grazie the chat support available for any technical questions or doubts about which model is best for you.

For any informationone technical our operators are also available by telephone on +39 0445 315537

If you prefer to try on the glasses best suited to your face, we are waiting for you in the authorized points of sale DEMON. 
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