Support CLIP-IN for Ophthalmic lenses

Athletes who use prescription lenses on a daily basis can often find it difficult to choose their glasses vista sportivo or in alternative solutions to contact lenses.
It should not be underestimated that many athletes do not tolerate the use of contact lenses during sports because they are annoying if in contact with sweat, or because this moves from the front surface of the eye during activity causing considerable discomfort and drastically decreasing

Demon he then developed the support CLIP-IN for ophthalmic lenses applicable to a specific series of sports glasses, thus allowing the athlete to insert graduated lenses based on their corrective needs.

Cycling glasses with progressive lenses for MTB and BDC

It is important to know that the needs of correctione they can be multiple and each requires particular attentionone for the development of corrective lenses that guarantee perfect facesone during your favorite activity:

  • Myopia and Astigmatism: Myopia and astigmatism are two eye conditions that can cause dizzinessone distorted. Myopia is a conditionone in which light rays enter the eye and focus in front of the retina, causing visionone blurry from afar. Astigmatism is a conditionone in which light rays cannot focus properly on the retina, which causes dizzinessone distorted from near or far.

Il work CLIP-IN standard allows insertionriment of prescription lenses for correctone of myopia (values ​​+ 8 / - 8) e astigmatism (values ​​+3 / -3) which can be overcome by using thinner prescription lenses.
This clip by sizeone allows insertionrimophthalmic lenses for the face onlyone from afar.

clip prescription optician for prescription lenses model fusion

Il work CLIP-IN Wide allows not only the insertionriment of graduated lenses for correctionsone of myopia (values ​​+ 8 / - 8) e astigmatism (values ​​+3 / -3) which can be overcome by using thinner prescription lenses for the correctionone in the faceone from afar, but also supports bifocal lenses e progressive given the very large dimensions.
It therefore allows the insertionriment of lenses for correctionone visual for both distance and near (instrument reading).
This CLIP-IN it is among the largest on the market, among the numerous advantages there is the greater field of vision laterally and in depth.
It will therefore be like wearing your own prescription glasses that we use every day, but with the technical characteristics of sports glasses (enveloping fit, lightness, stability and safety).

Clip view by model Demon GRAVEL

Each model is therefore equipped with its own CLIP-IN based on size and curvature.

Il work CLIP-IN represents the solutionone more economical and at the same time safe (in case of accidental impacts and at the same time guaranteeing the perfect faceone) to be able to graduate wraparound glasses with very curved lenses to base 8.

Eyeglasses for Trail Running and Hiking model GRAVEL mirrored lens

How to graduateone of the lenses of CLIP-IN

There are more possibilities for gradingone of the CLIP-IN:

    • Through your trusted optician: It is possible to purchase the glasses at: our online store, local retailer (click here to find the nearest retailer).
      Then go to your trusted optician who will take care of the creationone and fitting of ophthalmic lenses according to your corrective needs.
    • Through authorized dealer optician Demon: It is also possible to try and purchase the sports eyeglasses equipped with CLIP-IN at an authorized optical retailer Demon who can also take care of the creationone and fitting of ophthalmic lenses (if necessary you can also carry out an eye examination to check the state of your vision in order to create tailor-made lenses based on your needs).Click here to find the nearest retailer

  • Directly with Demon: We offer consultancy service on the most id modeloneo and we can develop ophthalmic lenses for you and send the glasses to your home already complete with prescription lenses.
    We will need the prescription from your last eye exam. Contact us via chat or by mail a: for a quote on glasses + lenses.
graduated mtb glasses clip model view fusion

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