What to eat primto train in running

"I don't eat primto run? I eat primto run? And if I eat, what should I consume primwant to run?". These questions may seem existential or superfluous, but in reality they are profound because they imply an important concept: the awareness that, to burn calories, it is necessary to primto take on.

The dilemma, however, persists.

So let's start from the beginning to clarify. Starting from the assumption that to consume energy it is necessary to have it, the latterone it becomes more complex since it involves both the duration of the effort and the moment in which we decide to run.

what to eat primof the race

The duration and intensity of the training

If you are following a training program up to 10 kilometers at a slow pace and are used to adopting a healthy dietone balanced and complete, it is not necessary to take particular precautions as you will mainly burn fat. However, if your training involves an intense pace, quality sessions such as repetitions or a longer distance, especially if done in the morning, it is essential to consume something to ensure our body has an adequate supply of energy and maximize efficiency.

What to eat primto of trail running man

When do you plan your training?

If you have planned your sexesone in the afternoon or evening, it is not necessary to take special precautions. However, a light snack a couple of hours p.a. might be helpfulrima if you expect intense activity or if lunch was eaten several hours prima, as in the case of an output primto dinner.

For morning workouts, the situationone it gets a little complicated. It is advisable to consume something at least half an hour primto go out to avoid any nausea during the race. An optionone effective could be to have a small breakfastone as soon as you wake up, then dedicate yourself to getting readyone calmly and start training with a light and relaxed warm-up.

It is always advisable to consume something e.grimof an outing: fasting training puts stress on our body and compromises performance.

I understand that not everyone prefers to eat immediately after waking up, but when it comes to nutrition, primAfter training, it is not necessary to have breakfastone rich like the American ones with eggs, bacon and pancakes. It doesn't take much to give the body the right charge.

What to eat for breakfastone primto run

What to eat for breakfastone in the morning primto run

There are several options for eating adequately in the morningrimto a workout. You can opt for dried fruit, a slice of wholemeal bread with a little jam, or freshly squeezed orange juice, a juicer or fruit juice without added sugar.

Keep an eye on your caffeine or milk consumption as they may lead to any need for unscheduled pit stops (you know what we mean, right?), but the important thing is sprimenter.

The goal is to find light and energetic solutions that allow you to train in the correct way without going into a carbohydrate deficit. There are many alternatives and if you need ideas, you can find many by using the search box and typing "colazione".

Once you've eaten your meal properly, all you have to do is lace up your running shoes and start running!

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