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Similar to our best-selling street shoe selections, at the end of each trimestre, we also like to take a look at what shoes to trail running that have been best-selling on the market. The trends of trail running are definitely very different from the streets and it is common to see a much wider variety of brands and styles. After reviewing the data, we created a list of shoes from trail running (by color) that sold the most during the second quarterrimsummers (April, May and June).

As for men, HOKA has once again established itself as the best-selling brand with six different models on the list.
In third place was the highly cushioned Speedgoat. The shoe was a favorite among testers and is well known for its smooth ride and ultra-grip. Although it was the shoe from trail HOKA has achieved a great result although the launch of the Evo Mafate model could take its place as the new ultramarathon shoe. More shoes from trail HOKA included two colors of the Napali ATR and Challenger ATR, as well as a single color of the Stinson ATR 4. Performance-wise, Torrent and Evo Jawz rounded out the list.

Altra also had a trimestre fantastic and continued to prove that the zero drop brand is a major player on the dirt trails. The Lone Peak 3.5 got the primo place on the list and had 2 additional colors make the top 10. Along with an individual color of the rugged Timp and the fast Superior, Altra finished the trimsummer with a total of 5 shoes in the classify top 20.

Another shoe on the list was the New Balance Mt10 v1. Arriving at no. 2 and at no. 5, the almost barefoot shoe continues to show that there are still many trail runners looking for an on-ground experience. Salomon placed 2 shoes in the top 20 and it's no surprise that both are part of the collectionone S-Lab ready for the race. The Salomon S-Lab Sense Ultra sold best coming in at no. 4, while the more recent and slightly beefed-up S-Lab Ultra also snuck into the top 16.

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On the women's side, the list was also full of HOKAs ONE ONE. Eight of the primand ten shoes were HOKA and we saw a selectone similar to male choices. While Altra took the top men's shoe, the tried-and-tested Brooks Cascadia 12 took the women's title. From a technical point of view, Cascadia is nothing revolutionary. Its robust and versatile design makes it an optionone of reliable training and is a shoe that i trail runners return year after year. Along with the Cascadia, we saw the Adrenaline's all-terrain counterpart, the Adrenaline ASR, come in at number 15.

Altra also had a good performanceone on the female side with different colors of the Timp and the Lone Peak who made the list. Neither shoe is classified at the top of the list like their male counterpart, but they still delivered solid numbers and showed that the brand is a big name in the clothing space. trail. While we see several similarities between the men's and women's rosters, there were a couple of differences worth pointing out. One model we only saw on the women's side was the Saucony Peregrine 8. Although the shoe has gained a bit of weight compared to its previous releases, rimHowever, it's still an optionone da trail aggressive that excels for long range. We also saw the agile New Balance Summit Unknown and Nike Terra Kiger rounding out the list. Both shoes are quite versatile on the trails, but their lightweight, fast design makes them excellent when you choose to pick up the pace.

Analyzing the pros and cons, the advice is to alternate the treadmill in the colder months to avoid injuries caused by the cold and to run outdoors as soon as the temperatures rise.
The treadmill remains a valid optionone for days of adverse weather so as not to interrupt or modify the training plan.


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