Malcesine Baldo Trail

The Malcesine Baldo Trail is an event of trail running which takes place in Malcesine, a municipality located on the shores of Lake Garda, in Italy. This race offers athletes the chance to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the surrounding trails and mountains, with breathtaking views of the lake and surrounding mountains.

The Malcesine Baldo route Trail varies from year to year, but usually offers different distances and route options for participants. Races can include distances ranging from 10 to 60 kilometers, with significant elevation changes and technical terrain. Participants will face challenging climbs, steep descents and scenic trails along the slopes of Monte Baldo, which is a mountain range that rises above Malcesine.

This race is an opportunity for fans of trail running to put your physical and technical abilities to the test, challenging yourself in a spectacular mountain environment. In addition to the competitionone, the event also offers the opportunity to experience the unique and friendly atmosphere of racing trail running, with the possibility of meeting other enthusiasts and sharing the experience with them.

For further details on the specific editions of Malcesine Baldo Trail, I recommend you visit the official website of the event or contact the organizers directly for updated information on the route, distances and methods of

Malcesine Baldo Trail Races

Malcesine Baldo Trail – 50k Ultra

This race offers sports and mountain enthusiasts the opportunity to enjoy an authentic experience trail running in the suggestive context of Monte Baldo. The circular route, with departure and arrival along the lakeside of Malcesine, represents a demanding challenge, with over 3000 meters of difference in altitude.

The primthe 9 kilometers of the route are shared with the 24 kilometer race. After a short stretch on an asphalt road, the competitors leave the town center and immediately begin to climb along panoramic paths, fromrimon a cart track and dirt road, and then on a single track through chestnut and oak woods.

At the ninth kilometre, near Bocca di Navene (1420 meters above sea level), there is therimor refreshment point and the primor chronometric control point. From here you can admire the view of the eastern side of Monte Baldo. Continuing north on single track, the competitors will find themselves in front of Monte Altissimo, and the vegetationone it begins to thin out above 1700 metres, leaving room for meadows and open spaces.

At the thirteenth kilometre, near the Altissimo refuge, there is the second refreshment point and the highest point of the entire race is reached at 2060 meters above sea level. From this point you begin to turn south and explore itone of the eastern side of Baldo, characterized by a morphological and climatic diversity compared to the western part. The route becomes more runnable, with ups and downs that allow competitors to lengthen their pace and enjoy the expansive views of Corna Piana.

At the twenty-first kilometre, at the Fos-Ce refuge, there is the third refreshment point. From here, alternating cart tracks and paths, continue for another 9 kilometers with a slight descent of around 300 meters to the fourth refreshment point at the Madonna della Neve area. This area is characterized by numerous mountain huts and pastures.

From the thirty-first kilometre, the route begins to gradually rise again up to the thirty-seventh kilometer at the Prà Alpesina locality (1450 meters above sea level). Here the competitors face a steep 2 kilometer stretch of single track which will take them back to the summit of Monte Baldo, at the stationone top of the cable car. At this point you will find the time gate, the fifth refreshment point and the third time control point. From here the descent begins on steep slopes, sometimes technical and sometimes easier, among coniferous and beech forests. In approximately 7 kilometres, you will lose 1000 meters of altitude until you reach Malga Fiabio (kilometer 19), where the third refreshment point will be available. From here on, you return to the "coastal strip of the Ulivo" and descend on cart tracks and paths until you reach the town center again for the last 2 kilometers on cobblestones and asphalt.

In conclusionone, the Malcesine Baldo Trail represents a unique adventure for fans of trail running, who will be able to appreciate the beauty and challenge of this panoramic route in the heart of the Monte Baldo mountains.

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