Villacidro Skyrace

The Villacidro Skyrace is a mountain running event that takes place in the municipality of Villacidro, located in the regione of Sardinia, Italy.

The race will take place on a circular route that will start from the historic center of Villacidro and will take the athletes to reach the top of the surrounding mountains, in the full spirit of skyrunning. The distance of the route will be 21 kilometres, with a positive difference in altitude of over 1900 metres.

The route will mainly be characterized by narrow paths, some of which are very technical and demanding, stretches on stony ground and panoramic ridge passages. The start will take place in Piazza Giuseppe Dessì, and the participants will start by going up through narrow streets and alleys. After about 700 meters, at the rural church of the Madonna del Carmelo, they will leave the town center to take a path that will lead them to the Castangias park. After crossing the surrounding pine forest, they will arrive at the entrance to the path to Monte Omu.

From this point onwards, the route will develop exclusively on single track until the last 600 metres. The primhe great challenge of the day will be to conquer the top of Mount Omu, a 1,3 kilometer climb with a positive difference in altitude of 600 metres. Once at the top, participants will face a panoramic ridge passage, followed by a gentle descent on the north side via a rocky and very technical traverse.

After traveling approximately eight kilometers and reaching the wall of the Coxinas Dam, the participants will find the primor race refreshment point, where volunteers will encourage them. From here, they will walk along the gravel bottom of the basin until they come across a narrow path that will indicate the way up to Monte Margiani. The path will become increasingly steeper, they will cross the bed of a small stream and arrive on a stony surface, where they will have to be carefulone to any stones that may roll. From the top of Monte Margiani (860 meters above sea level), they will cross a ridge of approximately three kilometers which will lead them to the foot of the last challenge of the day.

This stretch will allow them to recover some energy and enjoy the spectacle offered by running in nature, alternating fast grassy stretches with stretches in which they will have to zigzag between the holm oaks. Once they reach the 13th kilometre, they will find the last refreshment point primto face the ascent to the top of Santu Miali (1062 meters above sea level). After the refreshment, immersed in the dense forest, they will begin to climb bend after bend, with a vegetationone increasingly sparse and low. Arriving under the majestic and rounded peaks of Santu Miali, they will have a panoramic view and smell the intense scent of thyme typical of the plateau. They will be at the highest point of the race, but they will have to be carefulone to the strong wind that will push them not to stop too long to admire the 360 ​​degree panorama of Sardinia.

After reaching the top, the last six kilometers will begin, mainly downhill. They will have the impressionone to dive towards the town center which they will see getting closer and closer as they pass through different locations. Having reached the last kilometre, they will cross the pine forest surrounding the country church, facing fast hairpin bends until they reach the paths followed a few hours ago.rimto. They will be rimonly a few hundred meters and the finish line will await them amidst applause, smiles and hugs.

Villacidro Skyrace

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