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Collectone: DMN Cycling Helmets for Racing Bikes and Mountain Bikes

DMN Cycling Helmets for Racing Bikes and Mountain Bikes

The cycling helmets for racing bikes and mountain bikes are the result of collaborationone di Demon with helmet manufacturer LAS.

I cycling helmets of quality are produced with an In-Moulding process in which the exterior and interior are composed of polystyrene join to form a single piece, increasing resistance against impacts and improving thefusionand impact.

How can you choose the most suitable cycling helmet to meet your needs?

Factors to take into considerationone they are different and varied. PrimAbove all, safety factor: trauma from a fall on a bicycle can in fact expose you to enormous risks, it is therefore essential to carefully evaluate the construction technologyone of the cycling helmet, whether mountain bike or racing bike.
Helmets built with In-Moulding Technology are recommended.

To ensure a high level of safety of the helmets on the market are the standards of safety European standards, namely EN 1078: 1997 and EN 1080: 1997: every helmet on the market must comply with these regulations.
To achieve these goals, helmets economic they have heavy and poorly ventilated structures; high quality helmets, on the other hand, manage to comply with European standards and, at the same time, be light and comfortable and very ventilated.
Cycling helmet for BDC and MTB ENIGMA model matt black with arezione

Ventilatione and Fit:

Ventilate herone of a bike helmet for road cycling and mountain biking is given not only by the presence of the air vents, but also by the internal padding which favors the recirculation of air and the constant sensation ofone of freshness.
DMN cycling helmet for road cycling and mountain biking in matt black ENIGMA model

The advantage of choosing a helmet with should be underlined removable padding, to be more effective in cleaning of the cycling helmet.

As for wearability, however, this largely depends on the measure of the cycling helmet, which must be chosen essentially based on your own headband – taking into account that normal racing bicycle helmets have a tolerance margin of at least 4 centstimesorting.
In fact, there is a size system that allows you to choose your helmet without errors even online:

    • S / M (55/58)

    • L / XL (59/61)

The wheel inserted in the back allows adjustmentone of the helmet on the head. You can then tighten or close it for maximum comfort and safety.

Inside the helmet is equipped with a removable and washable anti-insect net. Ideal for protecting the athlete's head from bees, flies and other insects that could enter the helmet while riding a racing bike or mountain bike.
dmn cycling helmet with adjustable closure for mountain bikes and racing bikes

Rear Light for maximum Safety and Visibility:

Another peculiarity of the DMN cycling helmets is the presence of a rear LED light (4 LEDs) with different functions: fixed or intermittent light with 3 modes.
This feature plays a fundamental aspect in the safety factor grazie to greater visibility.

Studies have shown that using a lamp under the saddle when cycling, combined with one on the helmet, increases the cyclist's visibility on the road by over 40%.
Using a cycling helmet with rear light not only guarantees protectionone in case of impacts but increases exponethe visibility of the cyclist is important specialmind in low light conditions (such as dawn and dusk).
Cycling helmet for racing bikes and mountain bikes with rear light for maximum safety and visibility

Remember, wearing a cycling helmet is not mandatory but is highly recommended by all cycling experts.