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Collectone: DMN Helmets for Ski and Snowboard

DMN Ski and Snowboard Helmets

Over the years the use of helmet on the track for skiers and snowboarders has increased esponetional, also given the crowding of the slopes and the rider's desire to always push themselves further with their tricks with the awareness of protecting themselves as best as possible. You collect itone DMN therefore allows you to choose between two different types of shell:

Ski helmet with soft ear photochromic lens visor

    • Half cap with visor: Also called Half Shell, it is the ski helmet with soft ear equipped with a visor for greater comfort while skiing, it is also an excellent solution.one for those who wear eyeglasses. In fact, it has a very hard outer shell and soft lining in the ear parttimeto increase comfort. This form offers a excellent protectionone from lateral impacts, even in the ear area. These helmets are mainly used for those who practice skiing and the look of those who practice skiing distinguishes them. The COMPACT-V model ski helmet represents DMN's proposal for the protective helmet that at the same time becomes part of your look to be fashionable while best protecting your head.
      The visor is photochromic, one specialand a lens that reacts to light by lightening and darkening to guarantee the perfect faceone of the track.
      Le sizes of the Ski Helmet COMPACT-V model are: S 56-57, M 58-59, L60-61.

Dmn soft ear snowboard helmet

    • Half shell: Also called Half Shell, it is the helmet created initially created for skiers and snowboarders and which in recent years has also been very popular around the world skiing specialmind for freestyle and freeride, characterized by clothing similar to snowboarding. This type of helmet is equipped with soft side padding covering the ear, which significantly increases comfort without losing much in terms of safety. In terms of comfort, increasing ventilation is very importantone In fact, this type of helmet produced is equipped with various holes to obtain the best ventilationone in all circumstances and conditionsone atmospheric. The Helmet for Snowboard and Freestyle Skiing Action has Boa to adjust the size and perfect the fit, in fact this specialand wheel allows you to widen and tighten by approximately one size. The sizes of the Action model for Snowboard e Freestyle and Freeride Skiing I'm: S 56-57, M 58-59, L60-61.

All helmets are equipped with an adjustment systemone with wheel that varies 1 size that can be tightened and loosened for greater comfort and safety.

The shell is made for both models ABS, while the internal material is Expanded polystyrene, a material with great elastic capabilities and represents a guarantee in the absorption of the structural shock that the shell undergoes during various impacts, protecting the head in the best possible way.

Protecting yourself in the best possible way is important, and it is important to only use certified products that attest to the quality standard of protection.one to be sure that in times of need they will carry out their task as best as possible.

The upper part of the shell is equipped with a ventilation systemone adjustable for better cooling of the inside of the ski helmet shell.

On the back of the shell there is a support to more effectively attach the ski goggles to the helmet.

DMN helmets have certificationsone CE – EN 1077