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Ski mountaineering glasses DEMON

 The best glasses for ski mountaineering DEMON at the best market price.

 Ski mountaineering is an extreme mountaineering and skiing discipline practiced during the seasonsone winter by climbing off-piste on slopes and peaks (for athletes who practice in an extreme way) and then descending down the steep slope into the valley. This discipline can be carried out in simple stepsone for the mountains, but it is also a competitive discipline with federation competitionsone.

Ski mountaineering is a candidate to become an Olympic discipline for the 2026 Winter Olympics.

Glasses for ski mountaineering in all conditionsone of light

Main features of ski mountaineering glasses:


  • Lenses with protectionsone Elevated by UV and direct light and reflected from the ice surface
  • Frame resistant to high and low temperatures
  • Prosthesisone from Air and Ice Dust
  • Perfect facesone without distortion
  • High comfort even with prolonged use



 Ski mountaineering glasses must in primis to offer maximum protectionone for the eyes. From direct and reflected light from the icy surface, and from harmful UV rays (stronger in the high mountains).

The goal of DEMON is to provide the athlete with glasses for ski mountaineering which, in addition to protecting the eyes in the best possible way even with very prolonged use in the high mountains, allow him to have perfect visibilityone to raise their own performance career.

Using technical lenses for high mountains PREVENTS the typical redness of the eyes at the end of the day resulting from the use of non-identical lensesonee.

 There are different types of lenses in the ski mountaineering eyewear line DEMON, designed based on specific needs:

Click on the type of lens to access the various models that use it

 The lenses of ski mountaineering glasses DEMON they are created to provide the athlete with the perfect facial expressionone of the path without distortions in all conditionsone atmospheric, even the most extreme. The lenses are also created to increase the contrast in the monochromatic snow.

GrazThanks to the enveloping frame, the lenses of the ski mountaineering glasses protect from the air and ice dust during the ascent, and on the hottest days during the descent.

Mountain glasses for ski mountaineering


 The frame of the ski mountaineering glasses is made of TR90, one specialand compositionsone of Nylon and Carbon Fiber which makes the glasses 20% lighter than glasses made with conventional materials. It is more resistant to high and low temperatures without deformation or breakage. It's a compositionone hypoallergenic, so the glasses can be used for prolonged use without irritating the skin.

 The frame is distinguished from common frames by its wrapping which helps the lenses to protect from cold air and frozen dust which could come into contact with the eyes, preventing correct vision.one, or in the worst cases by blocking the viewone for a few seconds (which is very dangerous in extreme passages).

Ski mountaineering glasses with lenses for high mountains

Some models are equipped with some protective accessories such as: 

  • Sweat sponge
  • Elastic drawstring
  • Removable side parts


Can be assembled and disassembled as desired for ski mountaineering