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Collectone: Otg Snow Masks with Category 3 Smoke Lenses


For all skiers and snowboarders who wear optical frames every day and who find it difficult to ski with contact lenses DEMON has created a line of snow goggles with category 3 OTG smoke lenses.
The importance of using an Otg snow goggle is the possibility of wearing your own optical frame under the snow goggles.
La Snow OTG mask with smoke lenses he has one specialand shaping on the side of the frame to facilitate insertionriment of the eyeglasses, and a slightly wider front shape to allow for storageone and stability to the glasses.

Using a snow goggle that supports your frame is the solutionone definitive for the ski and snowboard enthusiast looking for a technical goggle that always guarantees visibilityone of the track and off-piste, without giving up the use of your prescription lenses, to be able to concentrate solely on the funtiment and on performanceone.

Prescription snow goggles with mirrored lenses

Technical characteristics of OTG snow goggles with category 3 smoke lenses:

    • Smoke lens category 3: The category 3 smoke lens of the OTG snow goggle is made of quality anti-breakage polycarbonate. As well as ensuring perfect facesone on the track and off-piste it is a guarantee in terms of safety, in fact it is able to withstand very strong impacts and torsions without generating fragments that could damage the eyes of those who use it.
      The lens is composed of a double layer of lenses separated by a plastic material which forms a cavity effect to reduce the external thermal shock with the internal surface of the lens, the main cause of the formationone of condensation and related fogging.
      The internal surface of the lens is equipped with an anti-fog treatment which, in addition to the double lens, effectively combats fogging.
      The lens has tintsone internal smoke category 3, it is recommended for days with very intense light intensity and for prolonged use. The relaxing effect for the eyes using this particular type of lens is the same as using the polarized lens.
      Externally the lens presents itself aesthetically with strong mirroring, in addition to the aesthetic factor the mirroring of the lens performs functionsone to diverge the rays of Light for greater relaxation for your eyes.

    • OTG Mount: Over The Glasses, the acronym that identifies this specialand type of snow goggles for skiing and snowboarding. In concrete terms, this means that the mask can be used together with your optical frame grazie some details in the sponge part and one specialand more pronounced shape that allows allocationone of the optical frame.

ski goggles for graduated lenses with mirrored lenses

In the triple density sponge there are particular shapes that allow insertionriment of your optical frame and guarantee its comfort without constricting the temples during use.
On the front the mask allows the allocationone stable and comfortable frame, thus allowing prolonged use with maximum comfort.

The mount is created with one specialand plastic material resistant to high and low temperatures without deformation. There are also sectionsone to increase the areaone and combat fogging.

    • Elastic with sectionsone Grip: The elastic of the Otg snow goggle with category 3 smoke lens is equipped with sectionsone silicone gripone which allows for better adhesion to the helmet even in critical conditions.

Using an OTG snow goggle with smoke lens is the right solutionone for those who want to ski in complete safety and continue to see perfectly the moment they remove their mask so as not to miss even a minute of the day on the snow.
It allows the athlete to not necessarily have to use a backpack to store their eyeglasses, or in their pockets, promoting freedom of movement and safety.

DEMON is constantly researching and developing new technologies to create OTG snow goggles for skis and snowboards to meet all the needs arising from practicing your favorite discipline while wearing your own optical frame.