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Snow Goggles for Eyeglasses

The best otg snow goggles for eyeglasses at the best market price.

Are you a sportsman and wear glasses? Are you a ski or snowboard enthusiast but contact lenses aren't for you? Don't give up on the snow and the thrill of descending on skis or with your board, there are practical and above all convenient solutions that will allow you to ski and snowboard with a clear view.one optimal simply by wearing your eyeglasses.

It's OTG (Over the Glasses) snow goggles with dedicated internal space to be used with your own eyeglasses. To allow the athlete or simple enthusiast to focus solely on their own performance and on his emotions that accompany him during the exit.
OTG ski mask to insert prescription glasses with graduated lenses

  Snow masks for eyeglasses DMN have double Colorazi anti-fog lensesone High contrast category 2 orange. They are also equipped with anti-fog treatment, which serves to prevent formationone of condensation on the internal surface caused by the difference in temperatures. The frame is equipped with ventilation holesone increased, given the presence of glasses which could slow down ventilationone Internal.
All the frames of the Snow masks for eyeglasses they are ultra-light and flexible to withstand the strong temperature changes typical of the mountains.

The internal structure is designed for userimento of optical frames, even the larger ones, furthermore the internal sponge is shaped so as not to comprimplace the rod on the temple of the person using it.

The hypoallergenic internal sponge is designed to allow it to adapt to every facial shape, while wearing your optical frame.

clip optical lens for graduated lenses inserted into a ski mask

Atmospheric conditions for use of DMN snow masks:

To face every conditionone climatic, there are masks equipped with specific lenses, capable of allowing you a clear viewone optimal in every situationone. The orange category 2 high contrast DMN lens has won various awards at European level as the best quality product. It represents the excellent compromise for a perfect faceone from morning to sunset, allowing you to enjoy your outing to the fullest.

    • Cloudy or Sunny Weather:

Lens: tintedone Orange, to increase contrast and see every ditch or depression in the ground even in medium brightness conditions.
Use: for those who want to have a "multipurpose" mask, capable of adapting to different conditions.

    • Sunny Weather:

Lenses: Coloredone Orange, Rosé or Smoke, to maintain that state of relaxation and well-being for your eyes. Furthermore, the color lens is also recommendedone marrone Polarized which, in addition to being darker than orange, generates greater contrast and better visibilityone of natural colors.
Use: on full sun days.

    • All Weather Conditions:

​Polarized Photochromic Lens: The lens Polarized Photochromic is a specialand latest generation double lensone which constantly adapts to every conditionone climate and atmosphere. In fact, the external lens is polarized and represents the fulcrum of this lens specialand lens, in particular, in addition to creating greater contrast to see the ripples in the snow, it allows the photochromic lens to darken only if necessary. Since in the mountains there is a very particular UV intensity that would cause the photochromic lens to darken even in cloudy weather. The photochromic lens therefore via a reactionone chemical darkens only when UV and solar intensity requires it, providing your faceone optimal in all conditionsone climate.

For those who prefer to use a clip interminus, you can choose the clip universal prescription for masks on which, through your trusted optician, it will be possible to insert prescription lenses using it like ordinary glasses, but without the bulk of the temples. The insertrimention of clip it's nearbyone and removable at any time.