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Collectone: Ski and snowboard goggles with interchangeable lenses


For true snow enthusiasts, who face the mountains on their skis or snowboards in all conditionsone atmospheric.
Demon has created a line of goggles for skiing and snowboarding with multiple lenses includedone to allow the athlete the perfect faceone on the track and off-piste in all conditionsone of light and atmosphere.

In the collectionone DEMON there is a series of masks designed for all athletes who never stop and who ski and surf in all conditionsone atmospheric.
In addition to the lens mounted on the mask in the packageone There is a transparent lens that can be interchanged and used for days with cloudy weather, fog, snow or skiing at night.

However, there are other models with different types of lenses suppliedone (Smoke and Orange) usable for different light and atmospheric conditions:
- MAGNET: It is the interchangeable ski and snowboard goggle with lens magnetica. In endowmentsone you will find the mirrored smoke lens suitable for very intense light conditions and the high contrast orange lens for less intense light conditions such as: Cloudy or foggy weather.
The lens change for the model MAGNET it is simple and fast, in fact it only takes 3,8 seconds to change lenses grazi.e. in the presence of 8 magnetwhich prevent the lens from detaching in the event of shocks and vibrations, but at the same time simplify and speed up lens changes.

ski mask with lens magnetinterchangeable ica

- Model MAGNET in endowmentsone there is a smoke lens and an orange lens for the light conditions indicated above.

Suggestsrimbodies for the choice in the use of lenses:

Ski and snowboard goggles with interchangeable lenses have different types of lenses suppliedone, below is a brief descriptionone on the type of lenses and uses to allow you to choose which interchangeable snow goggle is most idoneaa meet your needs:

    • Category 3 smoke lens: The smoke lens is a colored maskone internal smoke, for convenience we can identify it as the darkness normally used for common sunglasses. By structure and sizeone of the lens of the snow mask this particular colorone results idoneae recommended for very intense sunny days and prolonged use. However, we do not recommend using this particular lens for days with low light, cloudy weather, fog or snow.

    • Category 2 orange lens: The orange lens is a lens with the main characteristic of high contrast, in fact in conditionsone of less intense light: cloudy weather, fog and snow helps the athlete in his visionone of bumps and ripples in the snow. It is particularly suitable for days with low light brightness, where the transparent lens may be clear. On days with cloudy weather it is the most suitable lens for perfect facesone of the track and off-piste.
      We do not recommend using this lens at night even with lightingone very strong artificial as it is too dark.

    • Category 1 transparent lens: The transparent lens is the fundamental type of lens for those who never want to stop. This type of lens is the only solutionone for those who ski or surf at night, furthermore for critical conditions such as fog or snow it is an excellent alternative to the orange lens.

ski goggles with interchangeable lenses mirrored lens

Buildingsone of the lenses:

The lenses of the snow goggles with interchangeable lenses are constructed with a specialand technology that effectively combats fogging even in critical conditions.
In fact it can be seen as two overlapping lenses separated by a sectionone spongy which has the task of forming a cavity to reduce the thermal shock of the external temperature from the internal one, preventing the formationone of condensation which causes fogging. The internal surface is also equipped with anti-fog treatment for better performance.

Ultralight and elastic frame:

The mount is constructed with one specialand ultra-light and elastic plastic material. It is built to withstand high and low temperatures without deformation. The frame is equipped with high density sponge for a better fit, improving comfort even with very prolonged use.
The adjustable elastic is equipped with a section on the insideone GRIP in soft silicaone for a better fit to the helmet.

For those who use prescription glasses?

Anyone who uses prescription glasses can consider using one clip universal removable. Through your trusted optician it is possible to create and install prescription lenses to insert inside your ski and snowboard goggles with transparent lenses. From a comfort point of view, it is the equivalent of using an optical frame without the bulk of the temples.

Click here to see the clip universal for ski and snowboard goggles with clear lenses

clip glasses for ski goggles with interchangeable lenses