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Ski mountaineering masks

Ski mountaineering masks DEMON designed and created to face the mountain in all conditionsone of light and atmosphere.

Ski mountaineering is an increasingly popular discipline because it combines adrenaline with total immersionone in nature.
For those who love snow and mountains, ski mountaineering is the achievement of total freedom.

It is essential to carefully choose all the materials that make up the equipment because in the high mountains you have to be much more carefulone.
Every ski mountaineer is constantly researching safe and high-performance materials and technologies to have as much fun as possible in every moment of the excursion.one.

How to best protect your eyes?

To best protect your eyes during the climbing phase, with technical glasses for high mountains, on very strong, strong, medium sunny days and cloudy weather, we have created a guide that you can consult at this link: https://demonocchiali.it/occhiali-per-scialpinismo/

As regards the descent and ascent with very particular light conditions, ski mountaineering masks are commonly used as they offer greater protection.one for the eyes from the air, and from the fresh snow kicked up by the board or snowboard.

Below you will find a guide on which lenses perform best based on light and atmospheric conditions.

Ski mountaineering goggles


The climb during snowfall is stressful for the eyes due to the poor visibility and monochromaticity of the snow. We find ourselves immersed in white. It is essential in these cases to increase safety to use a transparent lens that only acts as a protective barrier to prevent the snow from reaching the eyes and which does not darken the face in any way.one.

Demon has created two ski mountaineering masks with transparent lenses ideal for these particular light conditions.

Goggle for mountaineering and ski mountaineering with transparent lens for night and variable weather

Ski touring mask with clear lens for snowfall

For climbing in particular light conditions (poor or very poor) it is recommended to use a mask with transparent lenses instead of glasses.


The descent is the most fun part, the adrenaline rising, the wind blowing ever stronger, the carve, the trajectory, the fresh snow, being iprimia to chart that trajectory. All factors that increase enthusiasm and make the ski mountaineer have fun.
The descent is a fundamental aspect, rule number 1 is the perfect faceone.
A ski mountaineering mask must allow the athlete to better see every bump, depression and ripple in the snow and ice throughout the entire descent.
For days with cloudy weather we recommend using high contrast orange lenses, also ideal for z entrancesone of shadow where the brightness drops drastically for a few seconds.

With this particular lens DEMON has created multiple models of ski mountaineering goggles with orange lenses as it is the lens most used by those who practice this discipline.

Goggle for mountaineering and ski mountaineering

Ski mountaineering mask with orange lens model MATRIX

Ski touring mask for prescription glasses

BIG SKY it differs from other models because it has OTG (Over The Glasses) technology through a specialand shapesone of the internal sponge and a particular shape of the mold allows the allocationone of the optical frame. BIG SKY it is the ski mountaineering goggle for the athlete who uses prescription lenses. It will then be wearable together with your optical frame.
Supports optical frames with large dimensions - For example, a 14,00 cm WIDTH x 5,00 cm HEIGHT optical frame fits perfectly

Ski mountaineering mask with mirrored lens


For very strong light conditions where an orange lens may appear clear, the use of tinted lenses is recommendedone internal smoke that promote more effective visual relaxation in conditionsone of very strong and extreme light, amplified by the reflective icy surface.

For the athlete who faces these particular conditions DEMON has created technical models with smoke lenses characterized by very strong external mirrors, to be practical without losing the aggressive look.

Ski mountaineering mask for mirrored eyeglasses

ALPINER like the model BIG SKY It has OTG technology and supports simultaneous use with an optical frame.

Mountaineering snowboard mask


A final factor not to be underestimated is the compatibility of the ski mountaineering mask with the helmet. Every single mask in the collectionone it is designed and created to guarantee the athlete the perfect fit for every type of helmet.
We consider it fundamental and a point from which to start in the designone of a model on primis for safety, and secondly but not least comfort.

Ski mountaineering mask for men and women
Ski mountaineering mask for men and women

The characteristics of each individual ski mountaineering goggle are available in the product data sheet of the model in the sectionone dedicated to descriptionsone. This way you can choose your ski mountaineering mask from the comfort of your home in ours E-commerce it will be simple, too grazie the chat support available for any technical questions or doubts about which model is best for you.

For any informationone technical our operators are also available by telephone on 0445/315537.

If you prefer to try the mask that best suits your visa, we are waiting for you at the authorized points of sale DEMON.

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