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Sunglasses to be fashionable and get noticed in all circumstances

Fashion sunglasses for maximum protectionone for the eyes with a fashion touch.

Seasonsone after seasonsone, the most important fashion shows in the world offer us a previewrima tangible and detailed view of the new upcoming trends. This is also valid for the world of glasses. With innovative creations, shapes and lenses to always be clearly distinguishable in all circumstances. Sun glasses for every day, to be fashionable, for holidays or for sports DEMON Corkone a wide range of different designs.

In the past, wraparound designs were exclusively associated with sports glasses, but the trend has changed in the ultime seasons. So for fashion enthusiasts, wraparound frames have become a must that you can no longer do without. The ultralight frames with a sporty style, they are worn by true individualists who demand a design with attention to every single aspect combined with functionality that can only be combined with technical sports glasses.

The lenses of the line fashion sunglasses DEMON, they are made of polycarbonate for greater safety against accidental impacts and to increase their lightness. Optically perfect by primto quality to offer those who use it the perfect faceone of the surrounding environment without any kind of distortionone visual. There are also some models with polarized lenses e polarized anti-glare, you will in fact find the wording in the models for which these particular types of lenses are available.

Le ultralight frames I'm in TR90, one specialand compositionsone of Nylon and Carbon fiber, a material that DEMON use for sports frames, but which also transported into the fashion, for the numerous advantages that this specialand material gives to the frame. It makes the glasses the 20% lighter respect conventional materials, and as you well know, wearing a lightweight glasses it is a comfort that should not be given up. It makes it non-deformable at high and low temperatures, so even if you forget it in the car in the middle of summer, you won't find any nasty surprises. Furthermore, it increases its resistance to accidental impacts with a consequent increase in durability over time.

Variety of Colors:

The colors chosen for the fashion sunglasses they are studied in every facet, they start from the timeless classici up to the most shocking and fluorescent colours. The trend of fashion 2019 it's going where few dare, making your glasses become DEMON the center of attentionone. Green Tortoiseshell, Marrone Opaque, Red, Glossy Green and Crystal are a small part of the colors for fashion glasses proposed by DEMON. Don't miss out on glasses to be the coolest on the beach, or at the trendy aperitif.

In every circumstance you will stand out, in the end it is exactly what you want