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Il Running and Trail Running they are two similar disciplines from an athletic point of view, but so different from a dynamic point of view. They are both a challenge against oneself, primthan the real one with the opponents. In both, the desire to overcome one's limits prevails, to conquer the path or the road, in any conditionsone atmospheric, because the runner who loves running certainly won't let himself be stopped by rain and wind, by scorching heat or by cold that makes his teeth chatter. DEMON has a great love for the world of running, creating a line of technical running glasses e Trail Running to allow the runner to focus solely on the emotionone to do what he loves best.

triathlete wears running glasses with mirrored lenses

The optical needs for Running e Trail Running are very similar. L'Running glasses it must be as light as possible as well as providing the Grip to prevent those annoying micro-slides towards the lower part of the nose, which occur in moments of maximum sweatingone. It must guarantee ample visual space and guarantee protectionone from the air. A very important thing is to promote good ventilationone. The needs for theglasses from Trail Running they are the same, unlike the predilectionone for very laterally curved lenses, augmentandone in an important way you protect itone lateral by leaves and branches.
Glasses from trail running blue multilayer mirrored lens imperial model matt black blue

In the line of Running glasses e Trail Running DEMON, find models with:

    • Photochromic lenses: Used both for the practice of Running that the Trail Running. These specialslow ones generate a reactionone reversible chemistry that causes them to darken and lighten based on the UV intensity present. Thus obtaining, in every situationone climatic you see itone optimal route. The photochromic glasses for running, they are a must for runners who demand maximum performance from theirs technical glasses.

    • Photochromic lenses DCHROM®: Recommended for running and running trail running. The New Lenses DCHROM® are the evolutionsone of the photochromic lens, they start from a slightly darker base (smoke category 1) than the other photochromic lenses to reach full category 3 in the maximum working phase.
      In addition to the remarkable speed of light-dark change, they will surprise you with the notable sense of relaxation that they manage to provide to your eyes, even on days with very strong irradiation.one solar. In fact, these particular lenses can achieve greater darkness than normal photochromic lenses, only if the path and the UV and solar intensity require it. The lens DCHROM® will always be constantly "adapting" to your path, to allow for perfect facialsone with any conditionsone atmospheric.

    • Mirrored Photochromic Lenses: Recommended both for the practice of running on the road and for the practice of trail running and represents in all respects the evolutionone for running glasses, in fact they start from the starting color with very slight haze (also ideal for very low light conditions) and at maximum work reaches category 3.
      The peculiarity of this lens is the aesthetic factor, in fact when darkened the lens does not become smoke but reflects in colors: red, blue depending on the color chosen
      These mirrored photochromic lenses are very reactive, therefore also ideal for the practice of trail runnign where there are numerous light-dark light changes.
      The cyclist's eyes will be well protected even in very strong light conditions and with very prolonged use. In fact, these particular cycling glasses with mirrored photochromic lenses can achieve greater darkness than normal photochromic lenses, only if the route and the UV and solar intensity require it. The lens DCHROM® will always be constantly "adapting" to your path, to allow for perfect facialsone with any conditionsone atmospheric. We do not recommend this particular photochromic lens for those looking for running glasses that can be used for night excursions because the light haze of the lens is too dark for poor lighting conditions.one artificial.

    • Interchangeable lenses: Most used type in Running as there are fewer light changes along the way than the Trail. The mirrored lens category 3, beyond the protectionone which offers from the sun and UV rays, generates an aggressive look to yours Running glasses. Therefore being able to play with the most popular and eccentric colors to always be fashionable.

  • Revo Anti-fog lenses: Used both for the practice of Running, but can also be used very well in the mountains for the practice of Trail Running. Externally, the super mirroring dominates and leaves nothing to be seen. The internal surface is equipped with an anti-fog treatment to ensure you always have the perfect faceone of the route even in the phases of greatest effort where the body temperature increases drastically. The new generation lensone allows a viewone HD. You define itone, the perfect contrast of natural colors and the perfect facesone also in zone of shade will surprise you, making it even more pleasant to practice your favorite sport. The race.
runner wears running glasses and trail running

In endowmentsone with running glasses with interchangeable lenses there are: Pair of Orange lenses, recommended for low light or rainy days and Pair of Transparent lenses, for use at night or for simple protectionone from the air.

  Frames DEMON I'm in TR90, specialand compositionsone of Nylon and Carbon Fibre, which offers 20% more lightness than conventional materials, greater resistance to impacts and greater durability over time.

For the EVOLUTION model it is expected the rimone dayone total of auctions for the applicationone of the elastic band. Useful for those who practice Trail Running and requires glasses that remain "anchored" to the face as much as possible. Evolution also comes with one specialand regulatory systemone of the temples to best adapt to the face.

For many models of the Running line e Trail Running features an adjustable hypoallergenic rubber nose pad, to best adapt the technical glasses to every facial physiognomy, guaranteeing an excellent fit.

Our glasses from Trail Running e Running they are studied and cared for down to the smallest detail. Each model availableone of its own technical characteristics, necessary to satisfy the needs that the discipline requires, from the curvature of the lenses to the width of the temples, and the adjustmentone of them.

glasses for trail running photochromic lenses

Choose only the best for your eyes. No sacrifices, no compromises, maximum performance always.