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Collectone: Glasses for water sports

Using glasses for water sports is the best choice to best protect your eyes from direct and reflected light and for maximum protection.one from splashes of water which could reduce the performance and the divertimento in the practice of your favorite water sport.
polarized lenses for sailing and water sports

What features should water sports glasses have:

Prosthesisone from light (even very intense and prolonged use): The most important task of water sports goggles is protectionone of the eyes from direct sunlight and reflected from water.
Choosing a good lens is therefore essential to avoid tiring the eyes even with very prolonged use.
It is therefore recommended to use a category 3 lens, which represents the optimal darkness for maximum protection.one of the eyes even with very intense light.
Polarized Lens: offers protectionone from UV rays, but not only: in fact this specialand type of lens, is able to concentrate or diverge light rays and attenuate radiation UV-A and UV-B via a polarizing filter that eliminates transverse reflections.
These lenses allow you to shield the glare and those annoying reflections that are created when sunlight reflects on reflective surfaces, such as a body of water.

The choice of polarized lenses is a plus for water sports, however using a category 3 filter is also optimal for practicing your favorite discipline.
Eyeglasses for kitesurfing in fresh and salt water

Prosthesisone from impacts: All the lenses in the collectionone of sports glasses Demon they are made of polycarbonaterimunbreakable quality.
Polycarbonate is one specialand compositionsone plastic with high impact resistance. The peculiarity of this material is that in the event of an impact, even a very strong one, the lens distributes the shock across the entire surface. The resistance to tensionone impact is therefore very high, this allows us to create very fine and at the same time ultra-resistant lenses, allowing the overall weight of the glasses to be significantly reduced.
You are therefore guaranteed maximum eye safety even in the event of accidental impacts, even very strong ones.

Stable and durable frame: The TR90 is one specialand compositionsone of Nylon and carbon fiber used by DEMON for the constructionone of all sports sunglasses frames and Vista Sport.
It's a compositionone hypoallergenic and can be used in extreme conditions even for very prolonged use without skin irritation.

The peculiarity of the TR90 is the exceptional elasticity and resistance to accidental impacts and mechanical tractions (e.g.one for changing lenses), it is also 20% lighter than frames made with conventional materials. Generally a mount built with this specialand compositionsone It weighs between 20 and 45 grams depending on the thickness of the frame.

The rubberized parts are made of soft hypoallergenic Megol, a non-slip material to guarantee maximum stability of the glasses on the face.
Kitesurf glasses for extreme tricks

Accessories: Some accessories can be purchased separately, such as the neoprene elastic cord and the floating elastic cord which guarantee greater stability of the glasses to the face and, the second, allows the water sports glasses to float in the event of a fall into the water.
Floating elastic cord for surfing and kite surfing