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Collectone: Glasses for Running and Trail Running Interchangeable Lenses


Running and Trail Running two similar and at the same time very different disciplines. Not only do they differ from the technical gesture but also in many ways from the materials chosen, for example the cushioningone of shoes, the use of socks for protectionone from leaves and branches, different technical stitches.
Regarding eye safety and perfect facesone there is no compromise on the path. These two characteristics are fundamental whether you practice running on asphalt or track and light dirt roads, whether you practice a real sportone di trail or ultra trail.
triathlete wears running glasses with interchangeable mirrored lenses

Running glasses and trail running with interchangeable lenses:

What are the advantages of choosing running glasses or trail running with interchangeable lenses? Definitely on the included lens packageone, different types of lenses to be interchanged quickly and easily so you can always have technical glasses suitable for the route you will tackle.

    • Smoke lens Category 3: The presence of the category 3 smoke lens in the running glasses is fundamental trail with interchangeable lenses. This specialand lens presents itself with colourationone of the internal surface smoke, and externally it is characterized by strong mirroring which not only has an aesthetic factor, but also a practical one as it helps the lens to diverge harmful UV rays.
      This lens can be used in running for very intense sunny days even with very prolonged use, for cloudy weather days with strong solar intensity.
      In trail running the use of this lens is strictly linked to very intense sunny days, and for sessions with few zone of forest, or with zone of very light bush.

blue mirrored lenses for glasses with interchangeable lenses for running and trail running

    • Category 2 orange lens: The category 2 orange lens is most used for the practice of trail running than for running on asphalt, because it is a high contrast lens that offers greater perceptionone of natural colors and lightens the faceone in lower light conditions.
      The orange lens is recommended for cloudy weather days, or for those who practice trail running for sessions with large and dense zone forests characterized by low light.

    • Transparent lens category 1: The transparent lens is used both for the practice of trail running and for running on asphalt. It is recommended in both disciplines for night running, it simply plays the role of simple protectionone from the air and from any obstacles such as: leaves, branches, dust, and insects.

Pair of colored replacement lenses for running glasses with interchangeable lenses

Frame features:

The frame of the running glasses e trail running with interchangeable lenses is in TR90, a specialand compositionsone of Nylon and Carbon Fibre. The TR90 is more resistant to impacts and mechanical tractions (lens changes) as it is more elastic and resistant. It is also 20% lighter than conventional materials, and has a longer lifespan. The material is hypoallergenic and has hypoallergenic rubberized inserts in soft Megol which provides better grip against vibrations when putting the glasses on.

All lenses of the glasses with interchangeable lenses for running and trail running are unbreakable. This guarantees maximum safety for the athlete's eyes and for very strong impacts resulting from falls or collisions with branches in the case of Trail.
The lenses are enveloping for maximum protectionone side from light and obstacles, and created to ensure a continuous flow of air and combat fogging.
runner women's glasses for running and trail running with interchangeable lenses

Choose glasses with interchangeable lenses for running and trail running means choosing technical glasses that can be used in all conditionsone of light and climate. Safe in case of impacts, and perfect on the faceone of your journey.

For those who wear prescription lenses?

For those who wear prescription glasses there is a dedicated line of glasses for running and trail with prescription lenses and interchangeable lenses. They are sports glasses equipped with a speciale clip view in which your trusted optician will take care of the creationone and insertrimention of prescription lenses to insert.

To discover the collectionone vista sport for running click here

eyeglasses for running and trail running with interchangeable lenses


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