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Collectone: Children's Sports Glasses with Smoke category 4 lenses

When organizing an excursionone or a simple trip to the mountains with the family, it is very important to choose clothing and materialsonei to make the day as pleasant as possible, to allow you to enjoy the mountains together with your family.

It is essential to choose the right clothing and the right accessories to dress your children too. To best protect your child's eyes DEMON has created a line of glasses for children with category 4 lenses for the mountains, which can also be used for any type of sport.
Children generally have eyes that are more sensitive to light, it is very important to adequately protect the child's eyes with category 4 lenses.

Use children's glasses with category 4 lenses for a hikeone in the mountains it means protecting the eyes as best as possible from the light and strongest UV rays of the mountains and at the same time from a safety point of view protecting the eyes from accidental impacts.

Technical characteristics of children's glasses with category 4 lenses:

    • Category 4 lenses: Children's glasses with category 4 lenses are made with polycarbonate lensesrimto quality. Use this specialand lens has notable benefits in primit is from the point of view of safety from the stronger and less shielded UV rays and light typical of the mountains. The category 4 lens is particularly recommended for children because it protects more effectively from intense light and provides the constant sense of relaxation for the child's eyes.

    • Shatterproof lens: The lenses of children's glasses with category 4 lenses are unbreakable and made of polycarbonaterimto quality. The advantages of using polycarbonate are many, the most important is the unbreakability, in fact even in the event of a strong accidental impact the lens distributes the shock of the impact across the entire surface of the lens avoiding creasione of fragments that could damage the eye, forming the typical cobweb effect that invalidates the lens.

    • Ultra-lightweight and high-resistance rubberized frames: Children's glasses with category 4 lenses are created with ultra-light and highly resistant rubberized frames, in fact they are able to resist falls, impacts and twists without breaking. Specially designed to be mistreated without breaking, biting (created in hypoallergenic material) and without small parts that could be ingested. Childproof.

    • Other characteristics: The specialised farming model BUNNY it is also equipped with an adjustable elastic cord. The glasses are intended for smaller children than other models, to prevent the child from removing the glasses and losing them, the elastic cord makes it more difficult to remove the glasses.