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Children's sports glasses for optimal safety for your child's eyes

It is very important to protect your child's eyes as best as possible with safe materialsrimto quality. DEMON he therefore created a line of for a smaller audience sports glasses. Ultra-light frames and polycarbonate lensesrimThe quality not only guarantees perfect facesone but they are safer even in the event of an accidental impact.

Le frames are in TR90 a specialand compositionsone di Nylon and carbon fiber which makes ours sports glasses and children's fashion 20% lighter than conventional materials and more resistant to traction and accidental impacts with a consequent increase in durability over time.

Le category 3 colored lensesone smoke They are made of polycarbonaterimto quality. You reduce itone the considerable weight that this material entails is very important in order to provide the child with ultra-light glasses that do not cause the slightest discomfort. Furthermore, the particularity of the material is its extreme resistance to accidental impacts as it does not create any fragments that could damage the eyes, forming a spider's web and invalidating the lens.

The nose piece and the terminals for sports glasses they are in soft hypoallergenic rubber, to offer maximum fit and excellent comfort.

For your child, demand only quality productsrimto quality.

Children's sports glasses represent an essential element to guarantee protectionone, comfort and style during physical activity and outdoor play. Specially designed to adapt to the needs of the little ones, these glasses offer a combinationone of features that make them indispensable for a safe and comfortable experience during sporting activity.

Security Features: The safety of children during sporting activities is an absolute priority. Children's sports glasses are designed with lightweight yet sturdy materials, which resist impacts and protect the eyes from potential damage. The lenses are made with impact and breakage resistant materials, guaranteeing protectionone optimal during the most intense and dynamic activities.

Adaptability and Comfort: Children need glasses that fit their faces perfectly and offer maximum comfort during physical activity. Children's sports glasses feature flexible and adjustable frames, which adapt to the shape of the face without constricting or causing discomfort. Ergonomic temples and nose supports ensure a comfortable and stable fit, allowing children to fully concentrate on their play without distractions.

Functional Design: In addition to safety and comfort, children's sports glasses also offer a functional design that meets the specific needs of different sports activities. The lenses can be available in different shades to adapt to lighting conditionsone, while the shape of the frame is designed to guarantee a wide and unobstructed field of vision. Additionally, many versions feature anti-scratch and anti-fog treatments for a faceone clear in any situationone.

Style and Customizationone: For children, the appearance of glasses is just as important as their performance. Children's sports glasses are available in a wide range of colours, designs and attractive styles that allow children to esprimere your own personality and individual style. From bright, vibrant shades to trendy frames, kids can find glasses that reflect their personal taste and make them excited to wear them during sporting activities.

Children's sports glasses represent an investmenttimeEssential for safety, comfort and style during outdoor physical activity and play. With a combinationone of features designed specifically to meet the needs of the little ones, these glasses offer protectionone reliable, a comfortable fit and an attractive design that will make children's sporting experience even more pleasant and safe.