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Sports glasses for Padel

Those who play Padel know how important it is to use technical materials to obtain the best performanceone. DEMON has thought of all the enthusiasts, amateurs and professionals who practice the sport of padel by creating a line of ultra-light sports glasses, designed to rimanere glued to the face even during the sudden movements typical of this sport.
Sports glasses for padel

Goggles for padel, a tennis-like sport played on a smaller court with walls around it, are designed to provide protectionone to the eyes during the game. Here are some features to consider when choosing padel glasses:

    • Prosthesisone from impacts: Padel glasses must offer protectionone adequate from impacts caused by balls and rackets. Look for glasses with a durable frame and lenses that meet safety standards.
    • Visionone perfect: Make sure your glasses have good quality lenses that offer visibilityone clear and sharp of the field.
    • Prosthesisone from UV rays: Choose glasses with lenses that offer good protectionone from UV rays. Bright sunlight can be harmful to your eyes, so make sure your glasses have protectionone Adequate UV.
    • Secure Fit: The padel glasses should fit your face well and stay securely in placeone during the game. Look for glasses with rubberized nose pads and mounts to ensure a comfortable and secure fit.
    • Aerodynamic design: Since padel involves quick movements and quick exchanges, it is advisable to opt for glasses with an aerodynamic design. This helps reduce the risk of visual obstructions or dropping your glasses while gaming.
    • Polarized lenses (optional): If you play on outdoor courts, you may want to consider glasses with polarized lenses. These lenses reduce the sun's glare on the court surface, improving visibility and contrast.

Remember to try different models of glasses to find the ones that best fit your face and offer the best combinationone of protectionsone and comfort while playing.

Our frames are in TR90, specialand compositionsone of Nylon and Carbon fiber are 20% lighter than conventional materials and much more resistant to impacts and mechanical traction.

There are different types of lenses to choose from, depending on the needs of each tennis player:

  • Photochromic lenses: With coloursone basic transparent, they start from category 1, in fact they can be used at night as simple protectionone from the air and indoors, at the moment of maximum exposureone the intensity of UV rays almost reaches category 3. This type of lens is also highly appreciated in the practice of road cycling, mountain biking, running and Trail Running. It is best suited to all conditionsone climate.
Padel glasses with photochromic lenses

  • Polarized Lenses: They represent the most relaxing lenses for the eye on the market. In addition to eliminating those annoying transverse reflections, they have very important technical characteristics for those who have to have a faceone perfect game at all times.

  • Better you perceiveone of the contrast
  • Visionone clearer
  • No modification of natural colors
  • Eliminatione of transverse reflections
    Padel glasses with polarized lenses

    • Interchangeable lenses: The category 3 mirrored lens, in addition to the protectionone which offers protection from the sun and UV rays, generates an aggressive look to your Padel glasses. Therefore being able to play with the most popular and eccentric colors to always be fashionable. In endowmentsone also a pair of high contrast orange lenses, for cloudy weather and a pair of transparent lenses for indoor play.
    Padel glasses with interchangeable lenses

    • Mirrored Lens: Externally, the super mirroring dominates and leaves nothing to be seen. The internal surface is multi-layered to always have the perfect faceone of the game even in the phases of greatest fatigue where the body temperature increases drastically. The new generation lensone allows a viewone HD. You define itone, the perfect contrast of colors will surprise you, making it even more pleasant to practice your favorite sport. Padel.
    Goggle glasses with mirrored lens for padel