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For all athletes who practice disciplines with frequent changes in light or have simply chosen the photochromic lens as an adventure companion to practice their favorite sporting activity, many eyewear manufacturers have created sports glasses with photochromic lenses. The real problem arises when the athlete uses prescription lenses to practice his favorite sporting activity.
DEMON he therefore created a specialand line of glasses vista sport with photochromic lenses.

The glasses visually look like normal glasses with an open frame underneath, but on the inside we find a clip removable attached to the frame in which the prescription lenses will be applied.

La clip from view represents the solutionone economical and at the same time high-performance for those who want sports eyeglasses with photochromic lenses without the heavy expense of graduationone of the main lens typical of curved sports frames generally based on 8.
La clip glasses optics vista sport with photochromic lenses it is placed behind the main curved lens, this allows maintaining the photochromic characteristic of the glasses vista sport and at the same time use graduated lenses for the perfect faceone.
sports prescription glasses with photochromic lenses for mountains and mountaineering

Technical characteristics of the glasses vista sport with photochromic lenses:

  • Photochromic lenses: They are speciallenses which, when exposed to UV radiation or sunlight in general, generate a reactionone reversible chemistry that leads to its scurimen. Once you irradiate itone of light disappears, or you enter closed environments, the lenses gradually return to their initial state of transparency. The convenience of this type of lens has supported the need to make weather forecastsrimto dedicate yourself to your activity, and decide which pairs of lenses to bring in case of rapid changes. These lenses are particularly appreciated for those who practice MTB. You prefer herone of athletes who find themselves facing various z's in their journeyone of Chiaro/Scuro, Bosco/Luce is to use photochromic lenses, among these those who practice mountain biking and Trail Running. They can also be used for training, maratone, ultramaratone and disciplines that involve very prolonged use in sunlight. They can also be used for sailing and flying as a paraglider.
    There are 3 types of photochromic lenses present in the eyewear line vista sport with photochromic lenses:

- PHOTOCHROMIC LENS 2-4: This specialand the lens has a very similar starting color (one shade darker) to that of the photochromic lens DCHROM® and at maximum work it is able to reach category 4. It is the best performing photochromic lens currently on the market for those who practice hiking and mountaineering. In fact it offers protectionone significantly greater in extreme light conditions typical of high mountains compared to other more id lensesoneand for other types of sports.

sports prescription glasses with photochromic lenses for mountaineering

- PHOTOCHROMIC LENS DCHROM®: they have a slightly darker starting color than other smoke photochromic lenses and reach category 3 at maximum work.
In addition to the remarkable speed of light-dark change, they will surprise you with the notable sense of relaxation that they manage to provide to your eyes, even on days with very strong irradiation.one solar.

sports prescription glasses with photochromic lenses for cycling

- SMOKE PHOTOCHROMIC LENS: They have a completely transparent basic starting color and at maximum work they reach category 2,5. These lenses are particularly recommended for those who use the glasses indoors as simple protectionone, for those who use the glasses for night excursions and at the same time use them daily during sunny hours.

sports glasses with photochromic prescription lenses for running and trail running

    • Shatterproof lenses: The photochromic lenses mounted on the glasses vista sport They are made of polycarbonaterimto quality. Polycarbonate is lighter than using conventional materials. It also has unbreakability as a key feature. Use glasses vista sport with unbreakable photochromic lenses it is a security that you cannot give up. In the event of a very strong impact, the lens distributes the shock across its entire surface, preventing creasione of small fragments that could damage the eye.

    • Clip Removable Optical: Il clip optical is it specialand vision support on which to apply corrective lenses through your trusted optician. There clip it is removable at will, in fact the glasses can be used as normal glasses even without using the clip, if you intend to practice your discipline using contact lenses.

  • Ultralight frame: All glasses vista sport with photochromic lenses are made of TR90, one specialand compositionsone of Nylon and Carbon Fiber which makes the glasses 20% lighter than frames made with conventional materials. It also makes the glasses more resistant to high and low temperatures, more elastic and more durable over time. TR90 is a hypoallergenic material, like the GRIP rubberized parts in soft megol.
    The rubberized parts, in addition to giving stability to the glasses, help to counteract all the vibrations and micro movements generated by sudden changes of direction.one.
runner wears sports glasses with photochromic lenses

What sports can they be used for?

The glasses vista sport photochromic glasses can be used for every type of sport, we list below the main disciplines for which the glasses can be used and the main benefits of using them:

    • RACING BIKES AND MTBs: Use glasses vista sport photochromic for BDC and MTB is equivalent to wearing glasses with lenses that adapt to every change in light present on your route. This type of lens is particularly appreciated for those who practice MTB given the multiple light/dark light changes typical of the discipline.

    • RUNNING e TRAIL RUNNING: For these two disciplines, as for rope cycling and mountain biking, they are subject to continuous changes in light. Then use glasses vista sport with photochromic lenses for Running and Trail Running will allow you to always have the perfect faceone of the route.

    • PARAGLIDING: For paragliding and flying sports where there is no barrier to shield direct light and UV rays, using the photochromic lens is equivalent to having the perfect viewone of the panorama and the instruments in all conditionsone atmospheric and light.

    • WATER SPORTS: even for water sports it is possible to use the photochromic lens for maximum protectionone and perfect facesone constant. And maximum relaxation for your eyes even with light conditions typical of water sports.

    • BEACH VOLLEY: To practice beach volleyball, use glasses vista sport with photochromic lenses, it means having glasses that protect from sand, which protect from air, and can be used for the entire duration of the match, and they can also be used for night matches as simple protection.one from the sand.

    • TENNIS: Can be used both indoors and outdoors outdoor they adapt based on natural and UV light, darkening based on the intensity. As far as tennis is concerned, it's a solutionone economical and safe to concentrate solely on performanceone.

  • GOLF: even for golf, using a photochromic lens allows the eye to be constantly relaxed with every change in light intensity.

We therefore recommend choosing glasses from vista sportivo with photochromic lenses for the practice of all outdoor sports.