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Collectone: Glasses Vista Sport with Category 4 Smoke Lenses


Anyone who faces the mountain and experiences it in all its characteristics knows very well how important it is to use the right equipment so as not to be unprepared throughout the entire excursion.one.

It is essential to protect your eyes as best as possible, given the greater solar intensity and stronger UV rays found in the mountains.
For those who use prescription lenses on a daily basis DEMON he created glasses vista sport with category 4 lenses for mountaineering, ski mountaineering and hiking.
The glasses are created with every need of the Trekker and Mountaineer in mind: Ultra-light frame resistant to high and low temperatures, Removable sweat sponge, Adjustable and removable elastic cord and category 4 lenses ideal for mountains and high mountains.
Climbers wear glasses vista sport with category 4 lenses

The glasses vista sport with category 4 lenses they can be used for normal hikingone di trekking as for the practice of mountaineering and ski mountaineering. Category 4 lenses (darker than common category 3 smoke lenses) are also particularly suitable for those who particularly suffer from more intense light.
The peculiarity of this glasses lies in one specialand attachment in the frame, in which to apply the clip optical in which the graduated lenses for corrections are insertedone communication
This specialand technology allows those who need prescription lenses to be able to use technical lenses for mountains and mountaineering together with their prescription lenses.
Graduating a curved lens based on 8 (typical of sports glasses), especially by choosing smoke category 4 as the type of lens, is very expensive. In the solutionsone with clip optical instead, it is economical and at the same time high-performance.

Technical characteristics of the glasses vista sport with category 4 lenses:

  • Category 4 lenses: Category 4 lenses are technical lenses used for mountains and mountaineering. You color itone internal is smoke and are used to maintain perfect relaxation of the eyes even in very strong light conditions and with very prolonged use. The glasses vista sport with category 4 lenses they can also be used for excursions trekking at lower altitudes, for skiing and for practicing any sport for those who particularly suffer from strong and very strong solar intensity. The category 4 lens can also be used outside of the purely mountain context, in fact it is recommended for all sports with exposure.one very prolonged in very strong sunlight, it can in fact be used for: Sailing and Navigationone, Paragliding and flying.
category 4 lenses for glasses vista sport

    • Shatterproof Lenses: Fundamental feature of glasses vista sport with category 4 lenses it is unbreakable. The lenses DEMON they are made of solid, anti-breakage polycarbonaterimto quality. In addition to being lighter than lenses made with conventional materials, they are more resistant to accidental impacts and therefore safer.
      In the event of a very strong impact, the lens distributes the shock of the impact across its entire surface, creating a spiderweb effect that invalidates it; it does not generate any type of fragment that could damage the eye.

  • Clip View: Il clip Optical is the technology that makes glasses vista sport with unique category 4 lenses, combining mountain glasses with the world of prescription glasses.
    La clip eyeglasses are inserted into the close-fitting frameone through one specialand allocationsone in the frame, it can be rimbones at will, specialmind because it is possible to use the glasses vista sport also rimegging the clip for vision if you intend to practice your favorite sporting activity using contact lenses. There clip inFurthermore, it can be used both with a sweat sponge installed and if you want to use glasses rimegging it.
    La clip optic is created in the same material as the frame, therefore it is very elastic and resistant even to high and low temperatures.
clip sight for glasses vista sport with category 4 lenses
    • Ultralight and Elastic Frame: All eyeglass frames vista sport with category 4 lenses are made of TR90 a specialand compositionsone of Nylon and Carbon Fiber which makes the glasses 20% lighter than the use of conventional materials. The glasses are more resistant to accidental impacts and more resistant to high and low temperatures without breakage or deformation. The TR90 is one specialand compositionsone hypoallergenic plastic with "memory", this means that when we wear the glasses it behaves like an elastic band, gently wrapping the head and then returning to its original shape when we remove the glasses.

  • Accessories: The specialised farming model OUTDOOR with category 4 lenses, it is equipped with 2 particular accessories that those who practice mountaineering know well and which make the difference between normal mountain glasses and technical glasses.
    - Removable Sweat Sponge: The sweat sponge is a very interesting element, furthermore, in addition to preventing drops of sweat from coming into contact with the eyes, it protects the athlete from the air by forming a lateral barrier, and also prevents light from filtering laterally from the mount.
    - Adjustable elastic cord: this accessory is often considered as important as the sweat sponge, in fact it allows you to increase the stability of the glasses on the face and acts as a support so as not to lose the glasses when not using them. Elastic cord can also be rimbone at will.
Adjustable elastic cord for glasses vista sport with category 4 lenses

Use glasses vista sport with category 4 lenses for your excursions is the solutionone ideal for those who want technical glasses to experience the mountains and at the same time are looking for a solutionone not high cost.
Hiker wears glasses vista sport with category 4 lenses