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Running is the increasingly practiced physical activity on which the majority of sporting activities are based. Running can therefore be defined as the basis of the main sports.

Running translated into Italian, running is an activity carried out mainly outdoors, which can also be reproduced indoors using a treadmill.

The benefits of running are the same as all aerobic activities, of a nature: Cardiovascular, respiratory, on the decreaseone of weight, reduceone nervous stress, etc...
Outdoor running advantages over treadmills

More often than not, running is defined as a type of running aimed at competitions and at achieving certain goals in the competitive and professional field; however, this is not entirely true, since there are also persone who practice running at an amateur level "only" for the pleasure of running and for the positive effects that derive from it.

In this regard, it is worth pointing out that, contrary to what one might think, running is not at all easy to practice; or rather, like any other sport, it requires correct technique which must be learned and put into practice in the right way in order to be performed well; only in this way, in fact, can you fully enjoy the benefits of running, avoiding counterproductive effects, or worse, unpleasant inconveniences and injuries.


Running, practiced regularly and consistently, is able to bring many benefits not only to the body, but also to the mind. Going into more detail, on a physical level running can involve:

Improve fitness and cardiovascular and respiratory health by reducing the risk of developing disorders related to these systems;
• Improve joint fitness;
• Optimize bone density;
• Increase the strength and resistance of the lower limbs;
• Increase energy consumption and help control body weight;
• Improve oxygenationone of fabrics;
• Reduce triglycerides in the blood, improve the ratio between good and bad cholesterol, control blood sugar levels, etc.

In the psychological field, however, running is capable of:

    • Improve your self-esteem;
      • Promote good mood at the expense of bad mood;
      • Control and help manage stress and anxious states;
      • Due to the sense of well-being transmitted, promote sleep and night's rest.