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To choose the new ski goggles for the new seasonsone In winter it is very important to evaluate the fundamental aspects that can shift the choice to one type of eyewear over another: material, shape, size, weight, atmospheric conditions of use and compatibility with helmet or eyeglasses are all aspects to consider for choose your own ski goggles perfect.
Ski goggles for ski mountaineering with photochromic lenses

we at DEMON we have created an in-depth guide to help you choose yours ski goggles considering every aspect: structural, lenses, for the various atmospheric conditions, dimensions, compatibility with helmets, compatibility with prescription lenses and for the discipline practiced.


The PrimThe aspect we analyze is the structure of ski goggles. In fact, we often think only of the typical maskone for skiing, leaving aside the fact that technical and wrap-around sports glasses with temples can also be used for skiing.

It is important to specify primOf all things, not all sunglasses are idonei for skiing. Skiing with your sunglasses that you use for free time not only performs less well than using technical, wrap-around ski goggles, but risks being dangerous for your eyes!


Because in the mountains and high mountains it is essential to use a lens that best protects from harmful UV rays, avoiding annoying redness or tearing.rimazione for the eyes at the end of the day. Also use lenses with non-ID materialsoneIt can be dangerous in the event of accidental impacts with lens fragments that could damage the eye.

Ski goggles with temples

Ski goggles with temples are part of the large family of mountain sports goggles which differ from common sports goggles due to accessories (sweat sponge, removable side parts, adjustable elastic cord) and shapes that make the goggles idoneHigh performance for on-piste, off-piste and ski mountaineering.
This particular type is particularly appreciated by those who prefer the convenience of wearing their ski goggles under the helmet, being able to use them on the hottest days typical of the end of the seasonsone In winter, I use it to protect yourself from the sun even when you stop in the cabin for a moment of relaxation.

Furthermore, for those who practice ski mountaineering theski goggles The temple can be used to protect your eyes from: sun, wind and snow while climbing.
ski goggles with temples for downhill skiing and ski touring

Types of Lenses:

It is essential to specify all the types of lenses with the strengths and weaknesses of ski goggles to understand which type is best suited to your needs.

    • Polarized Photochromic Lenses 2-4: The 2-4 Polarized Photochromic lens represents the top of the range lens for ski goggles with temples offered by DEMON. Like all lenses with photochromic treatment, this one specialand lens with colorsone basic smoke exposed to UV radiation or sunlight in general, initiates a reactionone reversible chemistry and darken, reaching category 4 in the maximum work phase. Once you irradiate itone of light disappears, the lenses gradually return to their initial state of transparency. The polarizationone concentrates or diverges light rays in order to attenuate radiation UV-A and UV-B eliminating transverse reflections. Ski goggles with this one specialand slow they can be used for each discipline (Downhill skiing, Ski mountaineering, Off-piste) and conditionsone atmospheric because they are equipped with one dynamic lens that adapts to every variationone of light throughout the day on the snow.

ski goggles with 2-4 polarized photochromic lenses

    • Photochromic Lenses 2-4: The Photochromic 2-4 lens is the sister lens of the Photochromic Polarized 2-4. It maintains the same protection characteristicsone UV and variationsone of darkness based on the intensity of the irradiationone solar, however without the polarizing effect. THEREFORE LESS PERFORMING LENS? Absolutely not! The real peculiarity of this lens, much appreciated by ski mountaineers, is the possibility of being able to consult your GPS or heart rate monitor during the activity without having to remove your ski goggles. Well yes, the polarizing filter can create problems when reading LED screens, forming the annoying "rainbow effect" which disturbs reading. Also this lens for characteristics and performance may be used for both downhill and off-piste skiing, but it is particularly suitable for those who practice ski mountaineering.

ski goggles with 2-4 photochromic lenses for ski mountaineering

Ski goggles with photochromic lenses for downhill skiing

Ski goggles with 2-4 photochromic lenses for off-piste skiing

    • Category 4 lenses: Category 4 lenses are technical lenses recommended for use in the high mountains for the practice of mountaineering and ski mountaineering, they are particularly suitable for use on a glacier where there is strong snow reflection, where the monochromatic white of the ice can be very annoying if you don't use an id lensoneto. The category 4 lens can also be used on subjects who particularly suffer from very intense light. This lens is particularly suitable for those looking for ski glasses for ski mountaineering or glacier skiing, however it can be used for downhill skiing by all those who particularly suffer from very strong light.

Ski goggles with category 4 lenses for downhill skiing

Ski goggles with category 4 lenses for ski mountaineering

Ski goggles with category 4 lenses for off-piste skiing

Ski goggles with category 4 lenses for glacier skiing

    • Polarized Lenses: La polarized lens called DPOL offers protectionone from UV rays, but not only: in fact this specialand type of lens, is able to concentrate or diverge light rays and attenuate radiation UV-A and UV-B via a polarizing filter which eliminates transverse reflections. Ski goggles with polarized lenses have numerous advantages over common smoke lenses including: Better perceptionone of contrast, facesone sharper, no modification of natural colors, eliminationone of transverse reflections. Polarized lenses are suitable for those looking for ski glasses to use for downhill, off-piste and glacier skiing. We do not recommend the category 3 polarized lens for those who practice ski mountaineering because at higher altitudes there is a need to protect the eyes with stronger filters such as the photochromic 2-4 lens or the category 4 lens.

Ski goggles with polarized lenses for downhill skiing

Ski goggles with polarized lenses for glacier skiing

Ski goggles with polarized lenses for off-piste skiing

    • Smoke Mirrored Lenses: For those who do not want a photochromic, category 4 or polarized lens for their ski goggles, but a lens much more similar to that of the glasses we use every day but with the characteristics of impact resistance and maximum protection.one in the light there are mirrored smoke lenses. Lenses made of solid multi-layer polycarbonate which best protect against harmful UV rays and are able to resist accidental impacts for optimal safety for your eyes. This lens can combine the technical needs of those looking for ski glasses that "do a bit of everything" while still seeking technicality and protection.one for the eyes.

Ski goggles with mirrored lens for downhill skiing

Ski goggles with mirrored lenses for glacier skiing

Ski goggles with mirrored lenses for off-piste skiing

Ski goggles with mirrored lenses model dome


The ski goggle frames are constructed of TR90.

The TR90 is one specialand compoundsone of Nylon and carbon fiber used by DEMON for the constructionone of all sports sunglasses frames and Vista Sport.
It's a compositionone hypoallergenic that can be used in extreme conditions (high and low temperatures) even for very prolonged use without irritating the skin.

The peculiarity of the TR90 is the exceptional elasticity and resistance to accidental impacts and mechanical tractions (e.g.one for changing lenses), it is also 20% lighter than frames made with conventional materials. Generally a mount built with this specialand compoundsone It weighs between 20 and 45 grams depending on the thickness of the frame.
La performance is the number 1 goal of DEMON, choosing glasses with a TR90 frame is the choice for those who want maximum performanceone, and is constantly looking for technical materials that guarantee comfort, safety and aesthetics.
Inside the auctions there is a sectionone Soft hypoallergenic megol grip to increase the stability of the glasses on the face even with very strong vibrations or sudden facial movements.
It also performs functionsone to increase comfort specialespecially for prolonged use (whole day on the snow).

The high resistance to high and low temperatures without deformations or breakages is fundamental given the use in the high mountains and the most varied and disparate atmospheric and temperature conditions.
TR90 frame for high resistance ski goggles


There are different solutions for the skier who wears glasses while skiing, both using glasses with a temple and glasses with an adjustable elastic. All vision solutions are compatible with all vision helmets on the market.
For both types it is clip opticians in which to insert graduated prescription lenses for correctionone communication
clip glasses for ski goggles with temples

Each model reports the corrective powers supported, it is also important to know which model OUTDOOR also supports progressive prescription lenses.
Below are the best optical models for skiing.

skiing glasses with photochromic lenses

Ski glasses with category 4 mirrored lenses

Another very effective and high-performance system for temple glasses for skiing is the model VISTA SPORT, the peculiarity of this article lies in the graduationone of the main lens, significantly increasing the lateral field of vision. The lens is also flattened via one specialand eyepiece support, which allows you to have the typical shape and envelopment of sports glasses, without the problem of having very curved lenses (very expensive to create and which could create lateral visual distortions)

eyeglasses for skiing

Eyeglasses with eyepiece support for skiing


A final factor not to be underestimated is the compatibility of the ski goggles with the helmet. Every single ski goggle in the collectionone it is designed and created to guarantee the athlete the perfect fit for every type of helmet.
We consider it fundamental and a point from which to start in the designone of a model on primis for safety, and secondly but not least comfort.

The characteristics of each individual pair of glasses are available in the product sheet of the individual item in the sectionone dedicated to descriptionsone. This way you can choose your ski glasses comfortably from home in ours E-commerce it will be simple, too grazie the chat support available for any technical questions or doubts about which model is best for you.

For any informationone technical our operators are also available by telephone on 0445/315537.

If you prefer to try on the glasses best suited to your visa, we are waiting for you at the authorized points of sale DEMON.
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