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Use children's masks protective gear for sports such as Ski and Snowboard it has now become a common idea. In fact, in addition to protectionone for the eyes, they have become a safety factor for the high visibility fluorescent colours, they also follow a purely fashion logical thread for their snow clothing. There is also a need for a mask with a high contrast lens for the perfect faceone in the zone of shade and a protectionone wide.

As little as these two types of sports may seem, they are separated by the type of stagesone of belonging, are instead very compatible from a needs point of view. There High contrast Orange lens proposed by DMN is essential to see every ripple in the snow. There are 2 types of lenses within this category:

    • Double lens: We can define it as a sandwich of lenses, the ventilation holesone on the lens create greater resistance to the fogging process. (in addition to the anti-fog treatment already applied)

    • Single lens: Represents the maximum precise lensone applicable to a mask, generally combined with the anti-fog treatment, given the lack of ventilation holesone, to maintain structural integrity.

The elastic is adjustable with a 3D embroidered graphic effect. Because aesthetics are as important as protectionone, and DMN cares deeply about the details.

Each mask is compatible with every type of helmet. In the Accessories category you will be able to find a clip from universal view applicable to Children's masks e Teenagers. It allows you to apply graduated lenses through your trusted optician. When the mask is replaced, there is the possibility of rimegg it and apply it to the new mask. This technology has replaced the OTG masks (can be used with optical frames), as it provides greater comfort and greater safety in the event of accidental impacts. In the list above, entering the specific model you will find the complete list of technologies and technical characteristics. Measurements included.
child wears ski mask with fluo fuchsia orange lenses

Children's ski goggles are an essential piece of equipment when embarking on a day on the snow. Designed to offer protectionone, comfort and style, these masks are essential to guarantee a healthy lookone clear and a protectionone effective against alpine weather. Here are some things to consider when looking for the perfect ski goggles for a child:

Prosthesisone Solar and UV: You protect herone Solar is one of the main features to look for in a children's ski goggle. Make sure the lenses offer solid protectionone against harmful UV rays. Choose lenses with one classificationone 100% UV for maximum safety.

Anti-fog lenses: Anti-fog lenses are essential to prevent the goggle from fogging up during skiing. These lenses are treated to prevent formationone of condensation, ensuring a clear viewone clear in any conditionsone.

Fit: The mask should fit securely to the child's face without causing pressure pointsone or discomfort. Make sure it is loose enough to wear comfortably with a ski helmet if necessary.

Adjustable Straps: Adjustable straps allow you to adapt the mask to your child's size and face shape. Make sure the straps are easy to adjust and rimremain in place during the activity.

Foam in Contact with the Face: The foam in contact with the face should be soft and comfortable, providing a secure seal and preventing snow or wind from getting under the mask.

Durability: Children's ski goggles should be constructed of durable materials that can withstand wear and tear on the mountains. Look for a mask that is durable and resists bumps and scratches.

Style and Design: There are many style and color options available to suit your child's personal tastes. Involve your child in the choice to ensure the mask reflects their personal style.

Safety Compliance: Check that your ski goggles comply with safety standards and regulations for sunglasses and protective equipmentone individual (PPE) for skiing.

A well-chosen ski goggle will help make the experience on the slopes safe and enjoyable, allowing your child to enjoy the mountains to the fullest.