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The best ski goggles for men and women at the best market price.

Waking up when it's still dark, to reach the nearest mountain, and throw yourself headlong into nature. The alarm clock unites skiers and boarders. How they have in common the adrenaline that increases when they feel the strength of the wind as the speed increases, the change of slope, the difficult slope, the jump and relaxing the muscles at the bottom of the valley waiting for the ascent to repeat the operationone.

Ski goggles are not an accessory in your mountain equipment, but they play a fundamental role in protectionone of your eyes from the sun (in the mountains the reflection of the sun's rays is much stronger), from the wind (which makes lacrimyour eyes) and ice particles (which could enter your eyes during carving). It is therefore essential to best protect your eyes with high-performance and safe equipment, which at the same time is comfortable to best protect your eyes and at the same time allow the athlete to concentrate solely on the descent.

The ski goggles in the final part of the seasonone can be replaced by sports glasses (specialmind on the hottest days) however rimane the instrument that best protects the eyes from all the factors described above, grazie even at larger sizes.
Regardless of whether the athlete is a competitor or a simple enthusiast, we recommend careful evaluationone when choosing the ski goggles (lenses and shape) based on your specific needs (described below).
skier wears ski mask during selfie

Prosthesisone Perfect against UV rays:

It is important to doubly protect our eyes, because as you well know, the UV intensity increases with increasing altitude, they are reflected by the snow and converge directly on our eyes. It is therefore necessary to look for the ski mask that allows us to see our path perfectly and that protects our eyes from UV. Therefore, choosing a ski and snowboard goggle that protects your eyes is the number one need for every athlete.

When you have to choose one Ski mask it is very important to carefully evaluate the technologies they are equipped with, materials, and compatibility with optical frames in case it is necessary, which protects our eyes from wind, glare, and even more aggressive UV due to reflections from the snow and high altitude.

The materials chosen are exclusively made of primto quality. The use of double anti-fog lens in polycarbonate represents a must for the athlete who never wants to stop and is constantly looking to overcome his own limits, in fact there is nothing worse than a mask that fogs up in moments of high speed or key passages in precarious conditions. All the snow masks of the collectionone DMN are studied and taken care of down to the smallest detail. The main need is the fit it must have, given the prolonged duration of use. In fact a excellent comfort allows the athlete to focus solely on the goal. The regulationone of the side wings and the elastic make ours ski goggles compatible with every type of helmet. It is therefore no longer necessary to purchase the helmet combined with the ski goggles, to be sure of compatibility.

The ultra-light and flexible material of the frame, and the soft hypoallergenic internal sponge are the strong point of comfort. It is no coincidence that our snow goggles have won international awards for their excellent quality/price ratio. All you have to do is become gods too Demon Addicted.
front part ski goggle with lens magnetica
retro smoke lens of ski mask with lens magnetica

Atmospheric conditions for use of DMN ski goggles:

To face every conditionone climatic, there are masks equipped with specific lenses, capable of allowing you a clear viewone optimal in every situationone. The orange category 2 high contrast DMN lens has won various awards at European level as the best quality product. It represents the excellent compromise for a perfect faceone from morning to sunset, allowing you to enjoy your outing to the fullest.

All the lenses of the snow goggles are made of anti-breakage polycarbonate with anti-fog treatment. They are able to withstand very strong impacts without generating fragments that could damage the eyes.
The masks have a particular double lens system that forms a cavity effect, isolating the external temperature from the internal surface, effectively combating fogging.

All frames are equipped with special ventilation holesone on the top and bottom that combined with the specialand double lens effectively contrast the apartment even in extreme climatic conditions.

It is important to understand your needs in order to choose and select the most suitable ski gogglesoneto the discipline practiced.

    • Snow / Fog / Night:

night slope for ski goggles with transparent lens

Lens: Transparent
Use: to ensure optimal visibility in very low light conditions, bad weather (snow and fog), and on occasions specialI like skiing at night.

Models: MATRIX

Ski mask with transparent lens for night fog and snow

    • weather Cloudy and Sunny:

mountain photo with cloudy weather where to use ski mask with orange lens

Lens: tintedone Orange/Blue or Pink, to increase the contrast and see every ditch or depression in the ground even in medium brightness conditions.
Use: for those who want to have a "multi-purpose" ski goggle, capable of adapting to different conditions.

Ski goggles with Orange, Blue or Pink lenses are idoneand in all conditionsone of light, in fact in case of cloudy weather they are able to "lighten" the faceone of the slope, while using snow goggles with this particular type of lens is comfortable and guarantees perfect facesone of the track even on days with bad conditionsone of more intense light.

The orange lens mounted on the Collezi's ski gogglesone DEMON It presents itself as the "all-rounder" lens. For particularities of the colorationone of the lens e grazie high contrast is suitable for all conditionsone of light and atmosphere effectively. It is important to point out that this type of lens may be slightly less effective in very intense light conditions, where the use of a ski goggle with a smoke lens is more recommended.
For these particular light conditions it is possible to evaluate masks with interchangeable lenses, (for the collectionone complete with snow goggles with interchangeable lenses click here), such as the model MAGNET (in endowmentsone smoke lens and orange lens) to which you can change the lens in 3,8 seconds.

Models with Colorazi lensone Rose: TOP - TECHNO
Models with Colorazi lensone Marrone: NEU

Ski goggles with orange lenses for skiing on the slopes

    • weather Sunny:

photo of ski slope with sunny weather where to use ski mask with smoke lens

Lenses: Coloredone Orange, Rosé or Smoke, to maintain that state of relaxation and well-being for your eyes. Furthermore, the color lens is also recommendedone marrone Polarized which in addition to being darker than orange generates greater contrast and better looksone of natural colors. The ski goggle with smoke lens is particularly suitable for days with very intense sunlight where the orange lens may be slightly light.
Use: on full sun days.

Models with Colorazi lensone Smoke: MAGNET

Models with Colorazi lensone Marrone Polarized: MATRIX

ski mask with lens magnetica black color and red mirrored lens

    • All Weather Conditions:

Polarized photochromic lens: The lens Polarized Photochromic is a specialand latest generation double lensone which constantly adapts to every conditionone climate and atmosphere. In fact, the external lens is polarized and represents the fulcrum of this lens specialand lens, in particular, in addition to creating greater contrast to see the ripples in the snow, it allows the photochromic lens to darken only if necessary. Since in the mountains there is a very particular UV intensity that would cause the photochromic lens to darken even in cloudy weather. The photochromic lens therefore via a reactionone chemical darkens only when UV and solar intensity requires it, providing your faceone optimal in all conditionsone climate.


Ski mask with polarized photochromic lens for all conditionsone meteorological

Ski goggle fitting:

The frame of the ski goggles is ultra-light and elastic. They are created to withstand high and low temperatures without deformation. The frame of the masks is also perforated in the upper part, to facilitate ventilationone. This specialand system allows you to increase the air flow and effectively counteract the creationone of condensation on the internal surface of the lens.
The high-density sponge is hypoallergenic, and increases fit and comfort even with very prolonged use.

When choosing a ski goggle it is essential to understand your needs and choose the most technical lens and shape created specifically for the discipline.

Ski goggles for optical frames:

A final factor not to be underestimated is the compatibility of snow goggles with helmet o with eyeglasses: .

DMN has created special models of OTG masks that allow them to be used with optical frames. In fact, a particular shape is provided in the frame and sponge of some models of ski goggles. SNOW OPTICAL 1 , BUBBLE (Excellent model for women and Teenager) e RAPTOR (For Ski and Snowboard), TECHNO (polarized photochromic ski mask), ALPINER (For skis and snowboards with a full lens look) are models that support the fit with optical frames. It is therefore possible to use ski goggles with your own optical frame without losing in any way the look of the normal snow goggle, in the shape and mirroring of the lens.

Click here for the collectionone complete with optical masks that can be used with optical frames

Prescription OTG ski mask that can be used with prescription glasses

Furthermore, in the sectionone Accessories you can also find two different types of clip opticians for snow goggles which allow the installationone of prescription lenses to apply to your mask. Click here to see the clip universal optical sight for ski goggles.
The characteristics of each individual DMN ski goggles are available in the individual item data sheet. This way you can choose yours Ski mask it will be simple and pleasant.

clip glasses for ski goggles where you can insert graduated lenses


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