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Using polarized sports glasses to practice your favorite outdoor sport is essential to be able to better appreciate the time dedicated to it and at the same time guarantee maximum protection.one also in the field of safety for your eyes.

Sports glasses with polarized lenses from the line DEMON they are technical glasses for outdoor sports use that can be used to practice your favorite sport.
The polarized lens mounted in sports glasses allows the athlete who practices multiple sports to be able to choose id glassesoneor the use of multiple disciplines.
sports glasses with polarized lenses for the practice of all sports

Technical characteristics of Polarized Sports Glasses:

  • Polarized Lens: The polarized lens guarantees protectionone from UV rays, but not only: this specialand type of lens, in fact, is able to concentrate or diverge the rays of light and attenuate radiation UV-A and UV-B via a polarizing filter that eliminates transverse reflections.

  • The advantages of polarized lenses are:
    1- Better perceptionone of the contrast
    2- Facesone clearer
    3- No modification of natural colors
    4- Eliminationsone of transverse reflections

For features and benefits this specialand lens is recommended for practicing any outdoor sport specialmind for all those who require prolonged use of polarized sports glasses. The polarized lens provides maximum coverage performance with very intense light conditions because it is able to maintain that pleasant sense of relaxation for the eyes for the entire duration of use.
It is no coincidence that the polarized lens is the most relaxing lens for the eyes currently on the market.
This specialand lens was created for sport fishing and water sports, in the prima discipline because it is able to eliminate most of the water reflections allowing the fisherman to see under the surface of the water. For water sports in general because by eliminating the sun's reflections on the body of water it provides a greater sense of relaxation for the eyes than all other lenses on the market.
pair of smoke polarized lenses for sports glasses

Subsequently used for the practice of every sport such as: Beach Volleyball, Tennis, Golf, Flying and any other outdoor sport.

    • Unbreakable lens: The safety of the lens is also fundamental. The polarized lenses are made of solid polycarbonaterimto quality. Polycarbonate allows for lightnessrimsubstantial increase in the weight of the lens compared to the use of common plastic materials, furthermore from a safety point of view using an unbreakable material such as polycarbonate represents a plus that cannot be renounced. In the event of an accidental impact, the shock is distributed over the entire surface of the lens, avoiding creasione of small fragments that could damage the eye. The lens forms a spiderweb effect, invalidating but protecting the eye.
      It is therefore good in the evaluation phaseone of polarized sports glasses for your favorite activity make sure that in addition to the perfect facesone maximum protection is also guaranteedone.

    • Ultra Light and Elastic Frames: All polarized sports glasses frames are TR90, one specialand compositionsone of Nylon and Carbon Fiber which makes the glasses 20% lighter than frames made with conventional materials. It is also more resistant and elastic, resulting in a notable increase in comfort in use and guarantees a longer life of the glasses over time. It also offers greater resistance to high and low temperatures, essential for those who use glasses in all seasonsone.
      The rubberized parts are in soft hypoallergenic Megol, in addition to improving the comfort of the glasses specialand plastic material has functionsone Grip increasing the stability of the glasses on the face even with very strong vibrations.

  • Other technologies: The specialised farming model LIGHT it is also equipped with an adjustable nose pad. Externally in megol and internally equipped with an aluminum core, it allows you to adapt the glasses to any facial shape.

Main sports of use:

    • Beach volley: Using polarized glasses for beach volleyball is one of the best choices you can make for maximum relaxation for your eyes and safety. The polarized lens for beach volleyball which can also be used after sport is a solutionone ideal given the strong solar brightness of the beach caused by the reflections generated by the sea and to a small extent by the sand which diverge the light. Therefore, using a polarized lens even after practicing beach volleyball for the day at the beach guarantees you avoid the classico eye strain at the end of the day typical of exhibitionsone prolonged exposure to very intense light using inadequate filters.

    • Golf: Using polarized sports glasses to play golf allows maximum relaxation for the eyes throughout the match even in very strong light conditions. It allows a better contrast of natural colors, with the pleasant sensationone of no alterationsone of colors. They also promote better facesone of the ball during long distance shots.

  • Water Sports: Polarized sports glasses are the ones preferred by those who practice water sports such as: sailing, windsurfing, kiting, fishing, or even simple sailing.one. Because they effectively counteract the transversal reflections of light, and effectively counteract the reflections of the body of water for the constant sensationone relaxing for the eyes.
polarized sports glasses for beach volleyball