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BIG LINE Vicenza company founded in 1975, is the manufacturer and owner of DEMON eyeglasses.
The company began a corporate sustainability journey several years ago by engaging in various actions:

- Compliance with Health and Safety and Training Regulationsone for preventionone of accidents in the workplace.
- Training projects for professional growth.
- Operational meetings with the company team

Commitment to the environment sustainability 

- LED lights have been applied in the company to reduce electricity waste and consumption.
- The printers in the offices were purchased with the possibility of refilling the colors in easily disposable plastic containers.
- FSC packaging cartons are used for the packaging and the carrier bags are Climate Neutral Packaging with 80% recycled plastic.
- The frames are made of carbon fiber and nylon to have medium-long term flexibility and resistance to guarantee the durability of the glasses.
- In compliance with current regulations, non-toxic paints are used and the rubberized parts are hypoallergenic.
- There is a lot of focus on digitalisationone also of the reseller service to reduce the environmental impact of the travel routes of the commercial agents.
- The company currently evaluates and selects the Supplier based on quality parameters, compliance and compliance with order delivery times as well as requirements relating to health, safety and the environment.

- Associationsone a CERTOTTIC Scarl to be able to acquire all possible regulatory updates relating to glasses.
- Participationsone at trade fairs and industry events to meet customers.
- Quality Control - Each piece is checked by the staff down to the smallest detailrimto be able to be shipped.
- Experience in Sales - Expertise and experience of the Staff to be able to best recommend the most id modelsonebased on the sporting practice practiced.
- Gesturesone of non-conformities and customer complaints.
- Spread the culture of using glasses to protect eye health.

The glasses DEMON they comply with European standards EN ISO 12312-1:2013.

For EU declarations of conformity visit the site www.bigline.it in the sectionone DECLARATIONSONE OF COMPLIANCE.