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In endowmentsone CLIP IN by degreesone lenses | Photochromic lenses
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Prosthesisone UVs: UV400 (Maximum protectionone UV-A e UV-B )
Frame Material: TR90 Ultralight
Weight: 20 grams
Frame Color: Matt Black
Lens Type: Photocomatic lenses DCHROM®
Other: Adjustable nose pad
In Endowmentsone: Clip In, Hard case, Microfibre case
Sports: Multisport, Cycling, Running, Hiking
Fit: Unisex (Man and Woman)
Dimensions: Width: 145mm; Height: 54mm – Rod Length: 125mm; Lens base: 8
Dimensions of the Clip Optics: Lens Height: 30mm; Lens Length: 50mm; Lens Base: 6
Supports: Maximum Sphere +/- 8.00 and Cylinder (astigmatism) +/- 2.00
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Model technical characteristics SUPERPIUMA Photochromic lenses DCHROM®:


The NEW Photochromic lenses DCHROM® represent lenses that, when exposed to UV rays or sunlight, initiate a reactionone reversible chemistry that causes them to darken. Once the light stops radiating, the lenses gradually return to their original state of transparency. They are made of high quality polycarbonate, a material that has two fundamental technical aspects: it significantly reduces weight compared to conventional materials and guarantees safety in the event of an impact, since it does not generate fragments that could damage the eye. These high-tech filters also provide protectionone from UV rays, ensuring reliable safety and optimal comfort.


The New Lenses DCHROM® are the evolutionsone of the photochromic lens, they start from a slightly darker base than the other photochromic lenses to reach category 3 in the maximum working phase.
In addition to the remarkable speed of light-dark change, they will surprise you with the notable sense of relaxation that they manage to provide to your eyes, even on days with very strong irradiation.one solar. 


The ultra light and elastic material used for the frame is TR90, a specialand compositionsone of Carbon Fiber and Nylon which effectively increases resistance to accidental impacts. Furthermore, it guarantees considerable durability over time. However, the most significant factor of the TR90 is its weight, which offers an additional 20% lighter weight compared to conventional materials, bringing the total weight to approximately 50 grams.

even the clip intern for corrective lenses, with a wide base 6 field of vision, is made of TR90 to guarantee constant durability over time and prevent breakages due to vibrations and stress. A clip Basic 6 allows for a significant range of powers, which can be applied by your trusted optician.


Types of sports:


  • Mountain Bike: SUPERPIUMA represents the ideal choice of glasses for mountain biking, suitable for cyclists of all levels, from beginners to experts. The wide frame ensures protectionone optimal during excursions in wooded environments, protecting from the impacts of leaves, branches, earth, insects and other potential external elements. Don't let the size fool you, as the weight is super light. The extraordinary lens DCHROM® latest generationone It is slightly transparent in low light conditions, but reaches category 3 with a reflectionone red or blue in bright situations. It automatically adapts to changes in path brightness, lightening and darkening accordingly. Furthermore, it is virtually indestructible, impact-resistant and offers maximum safety. The nose pad and non-slip rubber parts guarantee superior stability during activity, even in the event of intense and repeated jumps and vibrations.
  • Racing bike: SUPERPIUMA it also proves to be highly performing in road cycling. Its broad conformationone offers protectionone optimal against wind, dust, insects and other potential dangers that can threaten athletes' eyes. The distinctive feature lies in the lens which continuously adapts to changes in road brightness, automatically adjusting its opacity. This lens is particularly suitable for intense light conditions, typical of summer, and for long periods of use. The comfort offered by cycling glasses is unsurpassed, grazie the ultra-light and elastic frame, the hypoallergenic rubber parts and the non-slip nose pad. Trial SUPERPIUMA and you won't be able to do without it anymore.
  • Cyclocross, Cycle touring, other disciplines: SUPERPIUMA it is recommended for practicing any activity on two wheels. It guarantees protectionone excellent against impacts and solar rays, ensuring stability and comfort at the same time. These are key features for those looking for cycling glasses that offer protectionone optimal, are light and have an aggressive design.



  • Trail Running: SUPERPIUMA represents the ideal choice of glasses for trail running, suitable for runners of all levels, from passionate beginners to professionals. The generous frame guarantees protectionone optimal during runs in wooded environments, protecting from the impacts of leaves, branches, earth, insects and other potential external agents. Don't be fooled by the size, as the glasses weigh only 20 grams. There specialand lens DCHROM® latest generationone has a slightly sheer base and reaches category 3 reflecting in blue or red at maximum work; It adapts and darkens to match any change in path brightness. The lens is also indestructible, guaranteeing resistance without damage even in the event of very strong blows, ensuring maximum safety. Nose pad and non-slip rubber parts offer maximum stability even in the presence of jumps and intense vibrations.
  • Road racing: SUPERPIUMA It also stands out for road racing. Its large lens guarantees maximum protectionone in the eyes of the athlete from wind, dust, insects and any possible inconvenience. The main feature lies in the lens which automatically adapts to changes in light. These glasses are also recommended for intense brightness conditions, typical of summer, and for prolonged use. The frame is ultralight and flexible, with hypoallergenic rubberized parts and a non-slip nose pad. Once you try it SUPERPIUMA you will no longer be able to do without it.
  • Walking, Cross Country, other disciplines: SUPERPIUMA it is recommended for the practice of any discipline related to running. It ensures maximum protectionone from impacts and accidental light, while stability and comfort represent fundamental characteristics for those looking for running glasses that guarantee protection.one optimal for the eyes, is light and has an aggressive design.



  • Hiking: SUPERPIUMA proves to be an excellent choice of glasses trekking grazie the technologies appreciated by mountain lovers. The wraparound frame prevents light from penetrating from the sides and above. The photochromic lens adapts optimally to any variationsone of brightness along the route. Start with a colorone slightly transparent, ensuring a visible appearanceone clear even in the presence of minimal amounts of light.
  • Skiing and cross-country skiing: It can be the ideal substitute for ski goggles and cross-country ski goggles. The lightness and grip of the glasses guarantee excellent protection from the air. The grippy rubber sections significantly increase the solidity of the glasses to the face even with strong vibrations.
  • Water Sports: In addition to the characteristics illustrated above of adhesion and high protectionone, are particularly appreciated by those who do water sports, as they protect from splashes of water that could distract the athlete from the performance.
  • Tennis: Also excellent for playing tennis since the clip at close range it offers a visualand lateral, and the photochromic lenses allow you to play both indoors and outdoors with any type of lightingone.