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Collectone: Replacement parts

Have you lost the nose piece of your sunglasses?

DEMON has created this new section for youone where you can order spare parts for sports glasses and vista sport, even if not purchased from our e-commerce, to guarantee a longer life for your beloved glasses.

You will also find i clip Replacement glasses for sports eyeglasses and ski goggles:

    • Clip universal for Masks: It's ours clip best-selling, it is a clip universal applicable on all masks in the collectionone DEMON. By cutting in the appropriate space it will also be possible to apply it on children's masks teenager. In Base 6, the application is possibleone of a wide range of powers. Upon entering you can see the dimensions.

    • Optical Clip for Mask: It's a clip Applicable to the larger masks in the collectionone DEMON, access from the photo to see which models it is applicable to and its dimensions.

    • Optical Clip for 285 e models Fusion: It is possible to purchase i clip replacement for 285 e models Fusion. In case the one in equipmentone with the wear of time or accidental impact it may have broken.

To proceed with the order of the spare part you can read some data which is reported and printed on the temples of all sports glasses and vista sport, such as the model name for example, usually inside the left rod (to make sure you buy the right spare part).

Click on the photo corresponding to the spare part of the model you wish to purchase, and press the purchase button to proceed with the compilationone guided.

For any other particular request (such as if the code inside the glasses has been erased over time, or the spare part you are looking for is not present) we invite you to contact our Call Center on 0445/315537 or via the sectionone contacts accessible directly clicking here.


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