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Collectone: Ski and snowboard goggles with category 3 smoke lenses


They exist on the market ski and snowboard goggles a wide range of different types of lenses. Regardless of whether you practice skiing, snowboarding or ski mountaineering, it is essential to have knowledge and know how to choose the most suitable goggleoneto your discipline. Each activity and discipline has different needs and characteristics to get the most out of its performanceone.

As regards ski and snowboard goggles, there are different types of lenses plus idoneand for some weather conditions compared to others, which can make the difference between a pure diver's outingtimeto one where you concentrate itone is often disturbed by the use of less id materialsonei.

skier wears ski goggles with mirrored lenses

Why use a smoke lens when skiing, snowboarding and ski mountaineering?

The category 3 smoke lens used in ski and snowboard goggles is a must for days with conditionsone of very intense light. The darkness of this lens is the same as the common sunglasses we commonly use. It differs significantly due to the structure of the mask itself which blocks every vertical or lateral ray, guaranteeing that pleasant sensationone of constant darkness which allows excellent relaxation for the eyes even in blinding light conditions caused by the strong glare of the snow.

Use this type of smoke lens for skiing and snowboarding in conditionsone of very intense light offers a sensationone very similar to using a polarized lens.
Visually it is characterized by a strong mirroring which not only acts as an aesthetic feature, but acts as a real barrier to shield solar and UV rays.

For which light conditions is it recommended?

We recommend using a smoke lens strictly on very intense sunny days. In fact, the main characteristic of the smoke lens is to protect the eye and guarantee maximum relaxation in very intense light conditions even with prolonged use.
It can also be used on less intense sunny days while maintaining all the benefits deriving from more intense sunny conditions.

As far as cloudy weather is concerned, it's an assessmentone purely personal, since there will be days with cloudy weather and strong brightness where the mask is idonea, while in low light it makes the face very darkone, making it more difficult to immediately spot ripples, bumps, bumps and depressions.

For fog, snow, or night skiing we do not recommend choosing this type of lens as it is too dark.

The double smoke lens for ski and snowboard goggles is shatterproof for maximum protectionone in case of accidental impacts. The lens is lighter and more resistant to impacts. Unbreakability is an essential feature for those who want not only the perfect faceone of the route from your mask, but also total safety in the event of unexpected events.

The smoke lens of the ski and snowboard goggles is equipped with an anti-fog treatment. This specialand treatment prevents formationone of humidity on the surface of the lens which accumulates and generates that annoying fog effect.
The lens is made up of a double lens that acts as a cavity, isolating the external surface from the internal one, reducing the thermal shock, the main factor that generates fogging of the lens. The ultra-light and elastic frame is equipped with ventilation holesone which combined with the specialand compositionsone of the lens effectively combat fogging.

smoke lens for ski goggles with mirrored lenses

The side wings of the ski and snowboard goggles with smoke lens allow for a better fit with every helmet on the market.

The elastic is adjustable and equipped with a grip insert, which prevents the elastic from slipping along the surface of the helmet.

For those who use prescription lenses?

For those who use prescription lenses for ski and snowboard goggles with a smoke lens it is possible to insert one speciale clip universal eyeglass removable as desired which will act as real glasses inside the mask. Which allows all types of correctionsone communication

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clip glasses for ski goggles with mirrored lenses