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Collectone: Ski and snowboard goggles with category 1 transparent lenses


For true snow enthusiasts who practice skiing e snowboard there are particular conditions that require specific technical equipment.
Let's take for example three very different light conditions, but which require the same type of lens as they have low light in common: Skiing at night, during a snowfall or fog.

As previously mentioned, these situations are characterized by lack or poor visibility and light.

ski slope at night where you can use ski goggles with transparent lenses

Which lens is more idonea?

To be able to have the best facesone of your route in low light conditions we recommend using only one type of lens: the magnifying glass Transparent.

The transparent lens for ski and snowboard goggles turns out to be the only solutionone for conditionsone weather and extreme light, as brightness and visibility are poor or very poor.
The model we recommend with transparent lens is: MATRIX

For skiing at night, the transparent lens for skis and snowboards is optimal, in fact it reduces the reflections of artificial light and offers protection.one from the air.

In case of snowfall or fog as for night skiing, transparent lenses prove to be the only solution.one if you want to continue skiing or surfing.

We advise anyone in these conditions against the use of orange, yellow or smoke lenses, even if they have high contrast, because they are too dark and do not allow correct vision.one of: ripples, depressions and any obstacles present in your path.

How do the goggles differ for: Night skiing – Snowfall – Fog?

Ski slope during snowfall where to use ski mask with transparent lens

The night, snow and fog ski mask differs from the common color masksone of the transparent lens. There are also some factors, which are also present in the other masks in the collectionone which are often considered secondary, but which are of fundamental value.

    • Double lens: The double lens for ski and snowboard goggles is essential against fogging. To all intents and purposes it can be seen as a sandwich of two lenses that forms a sort of cavity that limits the thermal shock between the external surface of the lens and the internal surface as much as possible. This contrasts the formation in an important wayone of condensation on the internal surface of the lens which leads to having to interrupt its performanceone. The double transparent lens for skiing and snowboarding is essential specialmind for night skiing because the temperatures are much lower and the temperature difference between the external and internal surfaces is very high.

    • Anti-fog treatment: In addition to the double lens, the anti-fog treatment on the internal surface is essential. Which combined with the ventilation holesone present in the frame prevent fogging.

The transparent lens for skis and snowboards is anti-break. In fact it is composed in one specialand plastic material created to resist accidental impacts without breaking even at low temperatures.
In the evaluation phaseone when purchasing a ski or snowboard goggle with a transparent lens it is essential to consider safety in the event of accidental impacts.

Ski mask with transparent lens for night fog and snow

The frame is soft and elastic, it is created to withstand low temperatures without deformation.
Some models are equipped with side wings for greater comfort and adaptation to every type of helmet on the market.

The elastic is adjustable and has sectionsone silicone gripone for a better fit to the helmet, preventing micro slipping of the mask in case of vibrations.

For those who use prescription glasses?

Anyone who uses prescription glasses can consider using one clip universal removable. Through your trusted optician it is possible to create and install prescription lenses to insert inside your ski and snowboard goggles with transparent lenses. From a comfort point of view, it is the equivalent of using an optical frame without the bulk of the temples.

Click here to see the clip universal for ski and snowboard goggles with clear lenses

clip glasses for ski goggles with transparent lens