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Collectone: Ski and snowboard goggles with category 2 orange lenses


Sunny, cloudy, snowfall, fog. The weather in the mountains changes often and very quickly.
Whether you are a skier, a snowboarder or a mountaineer you know very well that you need to be prepared for these variations with technical equipment and identification.oneAnd. So as not to ruin your outing due to the cold, wet clothing or poor facesone of the route.

As far as your eyes are concerned, it is essential to use one ski and snowboard mask with orange lenses that adapt to all conditionsone of light.
The orange lens for ski and snowboard goggles has the characteristic of having high color contrast, and therefore lightens the faceone in low light and at the same time optimally protects the eye in brighter light conditions

The orange lens for snow goggles is therefore versatile for multiple light and weather conditions.

ski goggles with lens magnetica orange

Why choose a colored lensone orange?

It is important to specify that the orange lens can be used both for skiing and snowboarding, as well as for mountaineering or ski mountaineering. It represents an advantage for the athlete who uses it because it is able to best protect the eyes in almost all atmospheric light conditions.
It can be used during a snowfall, as well as in cloudy weather and on sunny days.
From an aesthetic point of view, the mirroring makes the lens visually identical to those with smoke lenses, characterized by strong mirroring, but at the same time from a functional point of view it is intended for all light conditions.

The high-contrast orange lens allows the skier or snowboarder to immediately see: bumps, ripples and depressions even in poorer light conditions. This is a big advantage over using a smoke lens, in low light conditions.

ski goggles with orange lenses

For which light and atmospheric conditions is it recommended?

The ski and snowboard goggles with orange lenses can be used in all conditionsone of light, from the slightest snowfall to the intense sun.
However, it is not recommended for use at night as it is too dark for lightingone artificial.

The double lens in plastic material is unbreakable, this is a safety advantage for those who use it. In fact, it is able to withstand even very strong impacts without breaking.
It is essential to remember that the mask must not only protect from light but also from possible accidents.

The orange lens of the ski and snowboard goggles is equipped with anti-fog treatment, this prevents formationone of condensation on the internal surface of the lens which often leads to having to temporarily interrupt performanceone.

In addition to the anti-fog treatment, the orange ski and snowboard lens is structured by a sandwich of lenses that act as a cavity isolating the external surface from the internal one, thus also counteracting the fogging of the mask.

The elastic is adjustable. It is equipped with silic grip technologyone which prevents the mask from slipping, keeping its position stableone in the helmet.

For those who wear eyeglasses?

For those who wear eyeglasses there is a particular technology called OTG, literally OVER THE GLASSES which allows through a specialand shaping in the sponge and a flatter front the allocationone of your optical frame. It is therefore possible for some models to wear their own optical frame under the ski and snowboard goggles with orange lenses.
The models OTG with orange lenses They are visible by clicking here

It is also possible to choose a clip removable universal optic that can be inserted into the front of the mask, this allows for greater comfort as it is not equipped with temples like a classica optical frame.

PFor more info on CLIP UNIVERSAL OPTIC for ski goggles click here

clip glasses for ski goggles with orange lenses